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  • January 2011 Meeting - Welcome Presentation and Notes

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Ian's Notes

Welcome from David
Goal: People get to know each other

Regrets from Janet Broughton:



Really interested and engaged, great partner

Walk through agenda for next several days


Define things we'd deliver in proposal

Taking steps to refine what success looks like--have a good COMMON understanding of where we'll be at the end of 18 months

Coordinating work, accellerating progress in teams

Improve the way we work together

Refine engagement with other projects and iniatives

Make sure people get to know each other


Where each area is at

Workspace demos

Talk about what success looks like

Cross-project discussion to coordinate


Shel Waggener will join us--think of questions to ask, please

Break-out sessions to talk about adjustments within areas of progress

Bamboo website/communications

Look at work from point of view of audience/adoptions

Discuss how we best work together

What might we adjust about this agenda?--suggestions are welcome


Revise statements of where we're going

Other thoughts

Finishing up month 4 of 18-month project

lots of good work, some stuff ahead of schedule

One problem

Diversified efforts, which is great, but raises challenges

10 institutions, multiple continents, multiple disciplines

How do we make all this work?

Higher priority, vs attactive but needs to be held off for now


Q: Humanist scholars keep asking for a good humanists description for bamboo?  Get description for talking point.  The description on website is great, but too technical.

A: There have been conversations with DAG about how best to communicate this. Make sure we're on track to have multiple messages that different audiences can use

Item on the agenda to discuss communications

Idea post-its on wall--please jot down

Q: Got 4 work areas, good program to go into them, what success looks like, what each work area will do.  Lack of integrated vision, coordination, no overall description of bamboo ecology (circuit diagram for the whole thing).  Don't particularly want to see the diagram, just want to be reassured there is one

A: One of the real goals is to make sure that there's stuff that's satisfactory for multiple audiences.  A little later this afternoon, that should be a part of the conversation.  Put all the parts together, make sure it all makes sense.

Steve Masover: A version of this will be in my presentation this afternoon

Marlita: When we dive deep into discussion aspects of work areas, please speak up with questions/things that affect other work areas.  One of the goals of entire meeting: common undertanding of what we've defined as success holistically, what we've put in place to get there, and what we don't yet know.

Clear understanding of what

Neil: All know we are parts of a largert enterprise, what partners want to do vs. what project needs--how integrate.  All parts and whole are in movement, dynamic, really easy to lose sense of overall vision.  Don't know how best to fix that.

DAG: Picture of end state, as well as evolutionary path.  Some things will only be 36-month timeframe, can't really complete in 18 months.  Clear integrated picture of the whole, think about in evolving fashion, how story is told to multiple audiences.

Q: Jim: Ongoing sustainability/consortium

A: DAG: There are lots of things that will need an ongoing organization.  We'll need to figure that out.  One hour on friday, but can do more if that seems important.

Steve's notes

David Greenbaum - Welcome & overview

  • Janet Broughton message delivered by David
  • Agenda walk-through [...]
  • Success discussions on Weds. to be considered in break out sessions Thursday morning and across the project on Thursday afternoon
  • End with sense of what is critical for the project as a whole going forward
  • Sense of project
    • finishing month 4 of 18 month project; excellent work to-date
    • at same time, intentional diversification of activity across BTP raises challenges in terms of getting the balance right; similarly, wrangling 10 institutions to work together has its challenges
    • therefore, if some focusing or re-tuning direction emerges about adjustments to the investments we're making, that will be quite helpful


Robin Valenza: We still need a good humanist-centric description of what Bamboo is
Neil Fraistat: Will pursue in discussion tomorrow; some work has happened to-date, and we'll described and reflect on that tomorrow
Marlita: Sheets on walls for people to jot down ideas about how to describe Bamboo
John Coleman: Lack of an integrated picture: the Bamboo ecosystem ... want to see a diagram
Neil: A changing picture
David: Some way to picture an end state, also some way to see the current state
Jim: We need to get our heads around consortium if we're to have a sustainability story by the end of the current phase of Bamboo work. The hour allotted at this meeting won't be enough, so we need to think about how this work can go forward in parallel

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