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  • January 2011 Meeting - Work Area Break Out Session Day 3 Notes

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Work Spaces

Collections Interoperability

     Start dates

  • Start dates are partly dependent on agreements with other strands and other projects external to bamboo. Times are therefore quoted as time to elapse.


  • Building on Jonathan Smith’s proof of concept work with CMIS we will seek to develop connectors for Hathi and TCP/EEBO. Time estimated 2 months.
  • In anticipation of Perseus becoming available work will also commence on a CMIS connector to Fedora. This will also be of use against other Fedora based repositories.

Core metadata

Discussions to agree the core object metadata to  describe  an object are required with  both  the  HubZero and  Alfresco/ECM groups within Workspaces.     

Collection profiling

  • Hand generated RIF-CS records for key collections will be produced and proof of concept code for automatic profiling will be produced in alignment with ANDS EIF project DC7D. Time estimated at 3 months.
  • A paper and/or proof of concept work to demonstrate a mapping between rdf and rif-cs will be produced. Time estimated at 3 months.

Scholar engagement

  • Scholar engagement will take place to refine the collection list                        

Demonstration exercise

  • By the end of the work plan we would hope to be able to provide a usefully complex demonstration effort, perhaps demonstrating TEI code generation, and a set of detailed use cases.


  • All work to be complete by October 2011                        

Other - not part of workplan

  • Tim Cole/Doug Moncur to discuss access to Austlit with Jane Hunter at UQ                  

  [Google Docs version ]                     

Corpora Space

Scholarly Services and Platform

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