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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Links are presented for convenient navigation to on-line artifacts located elsewhere than on this wiki. Contact information is located at the bottom of this page.



Project web site (current) simple Google Sites site intended as a 'signpost' to other locations documented on this page.
Project web site (archival) Project website archived in its final state, as of March 2013.
Wiki (archival) spaces from the Bamboo Planning Project and Bamboo Technology Project (April 2008 to March 2013, inclusive). Additional wiki materials are archived in a non-public location, contact the Bamboo Archivists if you can't find something you're looking for.
Wiki blog posts (archival) to a quirk in Confluence wiki software's migration and space-consolidation capabilities, blog posts published by Bamboo Technology Project team members are archived separately from the rest of the BTP wiki archives.
Documentation (archival) documentation hierarchy in which this page appears, as archived at UC Berkeley in Spring 2013.
Issue Tracker (JIRA)https://projectbamboo.atlassian.netProject Bamboo's JIRA instance was migrated to Atlassian OnDemand at the end of March 2013. The instance is maintained as a repository for bug tracking and intended improvements to the codebase developed during the Bamboo Technology Project (Oct 2010 to March 2013). Contact the Bamboo Archivists if you are seeking to add issues, comments, etc. to the JIRA instance. The issues are world-readable.
Source code

Repository root:


Source code, including full repository history, was migrated to the Project Bamboo project on Sourceforge in late March 2013. The repository root URL given at left is a read-only link to the repo. The GUI interface to code on the Sourceforge project facilitates viewing of changes in any given commit, and also provides URLs appropriate for users with write permission on the repository. Contact the Bamboo Archivists if you are seeking to contribute a patch or are seeking commit privileges on the codebase.
Javadoc is provided for services hosted on the Bamboo Services Platform and for the Fedora CMIS Server.
E-mail list archiveshttp://email-archive.projectbamboo.orgA number of public lists from the Bamboo Technology Project era are archived as Google Groups. The Google Site URL at left gathers these in a single, navigable location.
Social media


Flickr: (last 200 photos only; for all 1000+ photos, visit the Project Bamboo collection on team member Quinn Dombrowski's Flickr account)


'Historic' photos, a small collection of webcasts, and Bamboo's Twitter account are linked at left.

How can I get in touch with Project Bamboo now?

The archived artifacts of Project Bamboo, including this documentation, are maintained by a small group who were members of the project during its active period. This group is also involved in continued work on aspects of the overall project, and can provide introductions to others who are similarly involved. Please feel free to contact us at


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