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  • Media Ecology Demonstrator - Workplan

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Potentially useful modules


  • Taxonomy XML import
    • Could be what we need to get PBCore terms into the site
  • ActiveTags
    • A different interface for adding tags; might (or might not) be a more user-friendly interface
  • Advanced Taxonomy Blocks
    • A tool for browsing hierarchies
  • Hierarchical Select
    • A way of refining your search by adding/removing taxonomy terms (see page for screenshot).
    • Not installed yet; still under development for D6
  • Faceted search
    • Implements faceted search
  • Content Taxonomy
    • A way of referencing taxonomy terms as part of the page content.
    • Lets you map the information fields on a video's page to RDF terms
  • OG Vocab
    • Lets groups of users define and use their own specialized vocabulary (i.e. people interested in anchormen's ties might tag with colors.)
  • Taxonomy Multi
    • Will automatically add parent terms when someone inputs a child term
  • Vocabulary Index
    • Creates a directory for the taxonomy terms
  • Tag clouds
    • There's a lot of different modules for this, depending on whether you want something really simple, something 3D, something Flash, etc.

Building pages for videos

  • CCK
    • Allows you to create different "content types" with different options - so you could have a type for "news item" that would have a place for air date and location, and another for "feature film" with different information.
  • Date
    • Adds a field for the date.
  • Node Convert
    • Lets us change our mind and change the type of node for a given video.

Video upload

  • Embedded Media Field
    • This is for pulling in content from YouTube and other sites of that nature. It doesn't do what we need (pulling in Quicktime video hosted elsewhere), but we might be able to modify it so it does.
  • Video Filter
    • Might be another way to get the videos into the site


  • Views
    • Allows you to display the data to your users in different ways (i.e. creating a page that lists all news items that match certain parameters.)

User interaction

  • Annotate
    • A way for users to add private and/or public annotations to a node (note: this adds annotation to the whole page the annotation is on - not a specific point in the video.)
    • Haven't installed this yet - version for D6 is under development. Keeping an eye on it.


  • Bibliography
    • Could be a way to incorporate citations of scholarly literature


  • Admin Menus
    • Makes it easier to perform administrative tasks on the site.
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