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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Here is my "narrative request." A few notes:

1) If my context-setting around "methodology" seems inaccurate or not narrow enough, please modify.

2) If you have the ability to make a caveat, you might mention, in a gentle way, that we can not solve people's individual computer problems or their campus wireless network issues – these are local campus issues. Sometimes, people jump into the complaint line about their campus technology support.

3) Encourage input from graduate students.

4) Metadata about author's is requested for narrative repository. I am unsure if you are asking them to send the information to you or having them link directly to the repository. But the metadata would be important to gather, however you want to fold it in. Metadata info: collection date, scholar name, email, title, institution/organization, field of study/creative endeavor. Here is the link:

Project Bamboo is seeking to gather self-expressed narrative descriptions of individual scholarly efforts around either research and teaching. Our intent is to better understand various methodologies scholars utilize, enhance our knowledge of the semantics used to express those methodologies, and to account for as many of these methodologies as possible. We will also use this information to assess what technology solutions might best serve current and future scholars.

We are asking that scholars (faculty or graduate students) reflect on the KEY methodologies they utilize/practice in their research or teaching, select ONE of those methodologies around which they would like technological support; and describe it in four paragraphs or less. We understand that one's entire research can not be limited to four paragraphs, which is why we are asking for only a small subset of the work you perform. We are trusting that as we accumulate submissions from multiple scholars around the world, we can amass a rich repository of different methodologies and practices.

If you would like to submit more than one description, it would be greatly welcomed, but please separate them as individual submissions. By limiting these descriptions to a single methodology, you will aid those of us analyzing these narratives.

Each four-paragraph submission should include:

  • WHAT: a description of a small portion/subset of your work around which you would like technology support and any "need to know" relationships between this subset of work and your larger research/teaching efforts,
  • HOW: the tasks you currently perform to achieve this portion of your work and any required order of these tasks (i.e. "x" must be done before "y")
  • HELPS: any tools, content, or collaborations you currently use to help complete your tasks, and
  • NEED: a description of a specific technology need or your best guess at the technology support you want
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  1. Unknown User (

    All: I've attached the single document that I created that: 1) gives a general overview of Project Bamboo, drawn from relevant screens on the website;  2) describes the Graduate Center's overall involvement in P.B.; and 3) solicits input from Graduate Center faculty and students to the Scholarly Narratives project. I am sending this document to our doctoral programs for forwarding to interested faculty and students. As you can see, Rich's good work formed the basis of 3).


    P.S. Whoops. Can't seem to post attachments from this screen. Is that right?