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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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The Narrative Template is designed to collect a useful amount of metadata about each submission, while leaving room for the author's voice and self-expression. The text of the narrative itself is left to be free-form, though we provide guidance on the type of information most useful for Project Bamboo analysis activities. In the interest of providing artifacts useful to later analysis we ask that the metadata be filled in as completely as possible.


  1. To add a narrative to the repository begin by navigating to the New Submissions page. From there click on the "Add a Narrative" link.
  2. A page labeled "Copy of zzzNarrative Template" will appear. Rename the page with the title of your narrative. Formulate titles as a combination of the "Activity Name - Institution/Research project or other context", e.g. SN-0036 Film Short Creation
  3. Beneath the page label you will see a set of tabs above a large text area. Make sure the "Rich Text" tab is selected. This will ensure that the narrative appears with the fonts and layout exactly as you enter them on this page. (Note: If you have experience working with Confluence feel free to use the "Wiki Markup" tab instead. However, instructions for the use of "Wiki Markup" are beyond the scope of these instructions)
  4. The remainder of the template should be edited to include details for your narrative.
    1. Narrative Title - Highlight the heading "Narrative Title" with your mouse and replace that text with the title of your narrative. This should be a succinct title describing the narrative you have collected as per step 2.
    2. Metadata box - Below the title you will see a gray box. Please fill in as much of the data in this box as you can. This will be very important for organizing the repository and analyzing narratives!

      Collection Date - the date this narrative was collected from the scholar, participant or informant
      Scholar #1 Info - Please include contact information about the scholar, participant or informant. Copy this entire block of information as many times as you need in order to include information about all relevant scholars, participants and informants. Please include the field of study or field of creative endeavor which the scholar, participant or informant claims as their own focus.
      Collector Information - Please include contact information about yourself. Copy this entire block to include information about any collaborators who have helped you with narrative collection.

    3. Notes on Methodology - Include any details here which help to describe the methods or protocols used to collect this narrative. Was this a self-reported narrative by an artist or scholar? Was this the result of an interview? Is this narrative excerpted from a description of a tool or of someone's area of study or performance?
    4. Scope - This field is intended to collect a statement about the applicability of this narrative. Is this a narrative in which only the scholar participates? Is this narrative shared by all members of an entire field of study? What are the outcomes or consequences the participants expect from involvement in the narrative (eg. "to contribute research to their field", "to develop knowledge about an unfamiliar topic", etc.)? Please answer the questions in this section as best as possible. Email the stories group at if you require clarification.
    5. Keywords - List any keywords that will typify or categorize the narrative. If there are terms within your or the participants' areas of expertise which help to classify this narrative, please use those terms. Further, a link is provided to the "Activity" definitions under development in the Shared Services Work Group. Please include any related activity terms from those definitions and include a statement of the relationship of the narrative to the term.## Related Stories Links - Include any links to stories which are topically related to this one.
    6. Narrative - Include the narrative itself in this section. Please feel free to include links, other documents or digital media as you need in order to express your intent and that of the scholars with whom you have collaborated.
    7. Other Comments - Use this space to include any details that the form does not already capture.
  5. When you have completed your edits, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations! Your new narrative should now be part of the repository!

Tips and tricks

  • Complete the sections in the order that best suits your workflow. For example you might complete the metadata and story sections before then analysing its scope and relating it to the keyterms.
  • Shift-enter to add a line break when working within numbered lists.
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