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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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The sole purpose of this page is to aggregate Quick Links navigation panels into a standard set for presentation in right-column locations on Bamboo Technology Wiki pages. The panel below is wrapped in "excerpt" macro tags, which allows it to be included using "excerpt-include" tags in the tech wiki pages; and itself includes component panels via excerpt-include tags.


This page is being deprecated. In the course of its deprecation, the content (in code block below) has been removed from the excerpt block. The effect of this change is to remove the navigation elements inserted by in-line reference into wiki pages in this space. Navigation elements will be replaced by a change of space theme, to be effected soon after deprecation of this page. ~Steve Masover, 16 July 2011

{panel:title=Site Navigation|titleBGColor=#E6C090|bgColor=#ffffff}
{excerpt-include:Navigation Master - BTECH Quick Links|nopanel=true}
{panel:title=Recently Updated|titleBGColor=#E6C090|bgColor=#ffffff}
{recently-updated: spaces=BTECH|maxResults=6}

This right-side column is an artifact of "old-style" navigation. Please remove sections, columns, and content of the right-side column when this page is next edited. Cf. the Wiki navigation changes - July 2011 page for a 'how-to' on removing old-style page markup.

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