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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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The Narrative Repository collects those narratives that describe or exemplify practices, work, tools and collaboration our community believes should impact and should be impacted by the work of Project Bamboo. Each narrative should describe the work of one or many scholars considered to be part of their responsibility as an academic. The narratives will be analyzed to discover commonalities and differences between the practices of multiple scholars and to uncover technology services which might serve the widest audience. Start your submission here.

For Guidance on Narratives to help target your submission, click here.

Read more about completing our Narrative Template here: Narrative Template Instructions.

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SN-0001 Providing a Multi-language Search System
SN-0002 Technology Support for Collaborative Development of a Catalogue Raisonné
SN-0003 Collaborative Conferences and Work at a Distance
SN-0004 Supporting Distributed Co-Presence and Immersion-Based Creativity
SN-0005 A History Mechanism
SN-0006 The Extended Development Project - An Online Database on the History of Evolutionary and Developmental Biology
SN-0007 Arts Assets Data Base with Intense Meta-Data Referencing
SN-0008 Network Platform For Open Data, Resources and Core Services
SN-0009 Quick and Flexible Research Networks
SN-0010 Audiovisual Preservation Issues and the Sound Directions Project
SN-0011 Workflows for Contributing Visual Media
SN-0012 Bridging Technical Capacity and Scholar Needs
SN-0013 Limited Access, Quality and Technology Support for Historical Chinese Painting Collections
SN-0014 Tools to Aid Search, Review and Citation of 19th Century Newspapers
SN-0015 Reviewing Technology Platforms for Academic Commons
SN-0016 Support for Morphing of Audio-visual Assets
SN-0017 Database and Web Development Support for "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry - An Online Critical Edition"
SN-0018 Plutarch - Portal for Learning and UndersTanding ARCHival sources
SN-0019 The Global Performing Arts Database No. 1
SN-0020 The Global Performing Arts Database No. 2
SN-0059 Archiving and Annotating Digital Media
SN-0060 Capturing Field Research Data
SN-0061 Cataloging Faculty Image Requests
SN-0062 Comparing Versions of a Text in a Digital Corpus
SN-0063 Documenting and Digitizing Clay Tablets
SN-0064 Finding Freelance Workers
SN-0065 Fostering Discussion and Collaboration Around a Central Topic
SN-0066 Locating Information About Individuals
SN-0067 Locating Primary Sources
SN-0068 Music History Archival Research
SN-0069 Searching Within a Digital Text Corpus
SN-0070 Sharing Research With Students
SN-0071 Transliteration and Translation of Primary Sources
SN-0072 Pedagogical recipes for theatre education
SN-0073 Rugs of War - collating and analysing images, building research networks
SN-0075 - Scandinavian Studies - New Edition of an Old Ocelandic Text
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