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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Weeks of 17, 24 Nov, 1 Dec
You are all invited to contribute to our section of the wiki and/or to contribute to an email conversation, with a view to pooling ideas, knowledge and experience taking the group's charter as a starting point:

CHARTER: The Scholarly Networking working group shall explore how faculty and scholars interact within a discipline, trans-discipline, as part of scholarly societies, and in mediated/in person settings, and collect and enumerate the challenges and strengths of each level of interaction. The working group shall define aspects and identify ways that existing models for social networking meet or don't meet these needs. Finally, the working group shall develop a hypothetical use case/environment for scholarly networking that could demonstrate value and potential to faculty.

To focus this conversation somewhat we suggest the following questions as particular priorities for us to address:
1. What will be the purpose of scholarly networking facilities? What benefits will individuals see from them so as to incentivise regular and constuctive participation in a busy schedule? [Our own initial view here is that we should highlight the developmental potential for individuals, for research students and early career researchers in gaining knowledge of their subject; for all in enhancing awareness of new technologies and skill in their application. But if such a vision is to work those who have most to give need to see it as a worthwhile investment of their time.]

2. How might such networks be structured? What are the respective strengths and weaknesses for subject-centred and institution-centred models? [Note we would be particularly concerned to stimulate interdisciplinary conversations.]

3. What existing social networking tools are available, and which ones look likely to be sufficiently useful for our purposes to merit closer investigaton and testing, with a view to possible development and adaptation for Bamboo scholarly networking?

4.What social networking demonstrators would be helpful for Workshop 3?
[Demonstrators display a concept, serve as a reference model, and reflect
and test the results of discussion and analysis. While not a
requirement, demonstrators could be useful as a visualization of our
ideas for structuring a network, taking a first pass at developing some
sort of plugin for an existing network, etc.]

Week of 8 Dec
On line conference of group members, using Skype or similar software, to agree key directions from above, including establishing a demonstrator, which might involve using the group itself to test out a particular system. [We are currently investigating the technical possibilities, bearing in mind the need for something that works effectively for transatlantic communication. We'll be inĀ  touch shortly about scheduling this, but it will need to be late afternoon UK time/early morning Pacific time to accommodate time difference.]

Week of 15 Dec
Facilitators produce draft paper as interim report for Workshop 3 on basis of discussion in online conference. Posted to wiki for comments and suggested revisions from the group over Christmas-New Year holiday period.

Week of 5 January
Agree final version of paper to feed into Workshop 3 the following week.

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