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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Bamboo Tool & Content Partners Working Group Conference Call
12 December 2008, 12 noon EST
Preliminary agenda:

1. Ideas for demonstrators:

  • Loretta Auvil (if able to join the call), Sorin Adam Matei, Ray Larson, Mark Williams, Martin Mueller, Tim Cole, others?

2. Steps for creating a demonstrator:

  • What constitutes a demonstrator? In terms of information, execution, etc. (Kaylea?)
  • Creating a wiki page for each demonstrator -- discussion of draft demonstrator template, straw man first draft of a demonstrator.
  • Collaborating with Kaylea & UC staff.
  • Prioritization and schedule for creating demonstrators.

3. WG Charter --

  • What should be role of Bamboo be in indentifying and defining models for discovery of content and tools? How much can we leverage other work in this area vs. what facets of this problem does Bamboo need to tackle itself? What's the difference between maintaining browseable / searchable indexes of tools and content providers and implementing registries and other services that enable or facilitate tool and content discovery?
  • Based on this discussion do we need to revise our charter? See also Kaylea's post on main WG page.

4. Next steps.

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