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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Prepare an Object Through Transformation

Keywords:  Aggregate

Activity Definition(s)

Once objects (actual artifacts or digital surrogates/copies) have been obtained, they may need to undergo various types of transformations to be most useful for the scholarly inquiry or creative purposes for which they were obtained.  

One category of transformations is more mechanical in nature, and may be part of the Obtain Local Copy activity ("Multiple representations or disseminations of the requested object may be available from the repository").  Examples might be:

  • Digitization
  • OCR processing
  • Converting from MS Word to PDF
  • Transforming from one image format to another
  • Compressing media files.

Another category of transformations is the more conceptual or intellectual, non-mechanical transformations or modifications that can be applied to research materials.  Examples might be:

  • Translate ancient texts into a more accessible language
  • TEI text encoding and HTML markup activities
  • Score a piece of music
  • Transcribe oral materials (e.g. interviews)
  • Represent dance choreography as written notation
  • Create plaster casts of archeological remains.

A third category of transformations may include enhancement of transformed objects.  Examples might be:

  • Correcting OCRed text
  • Image enhancement by computer algorithm
  • Noise reduction in audio recordings.

Scholars' Stories (scenarios)

Tools (examples)

----Optional: examples of tools that perform some part or all of the defined activity, ideally with links to relevant project or vendor web sites

Tool name

What it does

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Related Collections/Content (examples)

----Optional: examples of collections / digital content / digital resources that could be involved in part or all of the defined activity, with links to relevant repository or site where available

Collection/content name

Collection/content description

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Applicable Standards or Standards Bodies

----Optional: examples of standards or standards-bodies applicable to the defined activity

Standard name / body

What it governs/regulates/standardizes - What it's for

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Notes, comments, related activities, concerns

This was originally titled "Transform an artifact to ready it for scholarly inquiry (transcribe a text (e.g., OCR), translate a text, transform one image format to another, score a piece of music, etc.)."

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