This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Preserve interim stages or results of scholarly or artistic projects

Keywords: Preserve

Activity Definition(s)

Final results of scholarly or artistic endeavors are not all that may need to be preserved.  See the Notes section below for interim stages or products that may also benefit from preservation, for future consideration or reuse.

  • By default or by selective means, determine which interim stages or results are worthy of preservation.
  • Capture digital representations as those results obtain, or snapshots of the identified stages of work.
  • Perform any needed format or media conversions.
  • Capture associated metadata, especially those that document or annotate the stage of the project.  (E.g., for search results, capture the search queries, information on the target systems being searched, and characterization of the result sets and subsequent filtering.)
  • Organize and package the objects and metadata as needed.
  • Preserve materials in a digital storage facility.

    Scholars' Stories (scenarios)

----Optional: examples of tools that perform some part or all of the defined activity, ideally with links to relevant project or vendor web sites

Tool name

What it does

Relevant links


Provides a repository that holds digital materials for in-progress projects and helps transition them to permanent archival.


Digital Record Object Identification


File format registry for digital content review




Related Collections/Content (examples)

----Optional: examples of collections / digital content / digital resources that could be involved in part or all of the defined activity, with links to relevant repository or site where available

Collection/content name

Collection/content description

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Applicable Standards or Standards Bodies

----Optional: examples of standards or standards-bodies applicable to the defined activity

Standard name / body

What it governs/regulates/standardizes - What it's for

Relevant links

PREMIS (PREservation Metadata Implementation Strategies)

Metadata standard for encoding preservation Information










Notes, comments, related activities, concerns

----Some examples of interim stages or results that may be preserved:

  • Scholarly or artistic methods, project plans, or other records of how a project or inquiry was performed
  • Results of a search for materials, possibly annotated, categorized and/or organized
  • Web-based collaborative records (wikis, blogs, shared documents, etc.)
  • Relationships between digital objects that change over time (e.g., drafts of a paper, studies for a painting, stages of markup or translation, stages of image enhancement, etc.)
  • Transformations, manipulations, analytical results, and the like.
  • Drafts, preprints, postprints.

This activity is a merger of several originally listed activities:

  • "Preserve scholarly methodologies (records of how a project or inquiry was performed)"
  • "Preserve the results of a search for materials"
  • "Preserve wikis as a record of an event, process or project"
  • "Preserve relationships between digital objects that change over time."

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