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  • Project Bamboo Website Redesign, Q1 2011

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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These pages are dedicated for gathering feedback on the Project Bamboo website re-design.*Please use the heading below into which to note your feedback. The headings correspond to each of areas of this home page. If you have a general comment please use the Comments feature.

 Feedback Headings

The redesigned site is available online:

Project Definition Statement (Project Bamboo is building...)

JDM 2/20/11:  I'm still concerned that Collections don't stand out at some of the highest levels here, both in this statement and in the About Bamboo block right below this statement.  Yes, the next level statements to the right of this highest level statement both mention collections, and yes, the third deliverable mentions "corpora" but of course there's no concrete deliverable there in the first 18 months.  I would recommend a way to include them directly in this elevator pitch, since it seems that we should recognize that "content is king" generally - maybe something as simple as adding "on dispersed collections" to the statement.  And in the About Bamboo section, perhaps adding "connected to a variety of important humanities collections" to the "First" deliverable.  (Minor point, does it matter that the three deliverables are not complete sentences?)

Second, I'm concerned that the whole aspect of a sustainable community is not represented at all here - both the Bamboo Consortium and the related set of Commons-like functions that are expected to be developed over time via the Consortium.  While those are clearly not part of the BTP proper, they are part of the Mellon proposal that includes the BTP, and part of our work going forward.  To me this reads as if it's only focused on the BTP proper. I recommend adding some high-level mention of developing a sustaining Bamboo community on this page.

Research Applications  - Description

JDM 2/20/11:  Under Research Environments in the "During Phase 1" paragraph, HUBzero spelling needs to be corrected (HUBzero is correct).  More importantly, I think characterizing HUBzero as a content management platform is not accurate; I suggest calling it a [virtual] research environment for virtual organizations.  In fact, we will be enhancing the HUBzero platform with a rich digital repository platform to enhance its content management capabilities (namely, with Fedora).

Shared Infrastructure - Description

JDM 2/20/11:  Under Interoperability, I think "metadata" is generally treated as one word.  Under Shared Web Services, this section seems a bit vague to me, especially the repeated use of the term "integration" - I am not clear what that means here.  Maybe Steve Masover could offer some stronger language here, if someone would like to check with him directly?

Header: internal navigation titles and IA structure

JDM 2/20/11:  I suggest that the "Areas of Work" link be added to the top of the Applications and Infrastructure pages as well as the one page they are on (the About page).  Also, it seems that "BTP" is used on some pages without being defined, so if one jumps around one lands on "BTP" without context.

Body Content:
General Visual Design and Layout

JDM 2/20/11:  Printing (as in current FireFox on Windows) is broken for all pages.  This needs to work as well!

Get Involved Page:

JDM 2/20/11:  This page could benefit at some point from thinking about how to get involved in the emerging Bamboo Consortium or community, how to get involved with providing new content/collections or tools/scholarly web services and the like.  I realize this is a quick placeholder draft thus far.

Areas of Work Page:

JDM 2/20/11:  Under Research Applications then Scholarly Work Spaces, a bunch of edits for names here, and a typo:  "We will adapt existing enterprise-based collaborative and content management environments (e.g., HubZero HUBzero, Open Source Alfresco Enterprise Content Management, Open Social OpenSocial [all one word] Framework) for the arts and humanities; test these environments with faculty, humanities centers, and campuses; and develop hosting models so that a consortium of institutions c\an can deploy these environments at scale for many scholars and projects."

Also, we should add mention of the Tools, Services [and Content] Registry project and its goals/deliverables here.  Here is some text from the Mellon proposal:  "We will implement a Tools and Services registry to share information and assessment about scholarly engagement with technology.  This registry maps to two elements of work considered and evaluated by participants in Bamboo Planning Workshop Four, held in April 2009:  a "Tools and Content Guide" and a "Services Atlas."  This registry will aggregate, in a common data store, description of technology and content contributed by users of any Bamboo-supported or Bamboo-enabled Work Spaces, subject to user-granted permission."

About Page:

JDM 2/20/11:  Minor point, the first sentence is not a question, right?  More importantly, I would like to see two major sections added to what is here (which is very good, by the way!).  First would be a brief section outlining general expectations for BTP Phase 2, to indicate that we have another major chunk of work ahead of us.  Language from the Mellon proposal could be added here, following the section on Phase 1.  E.g., "Add further Work Spaces functions of value to humanities and greater interoperation.  Build Corpora Space on top of Bamboo services platform.  Add further scholarly web services for curatorial, semantic, and visualization functions.  Refine platform deployment options for campuses.  Work with core collections technologies to enhance interoperability with scholarly web services." or whatever....

Second would be a section on Bamboo Consortum and Sustainability.  Language from the Mellon proposal could be used as a source of content here, e.g.:  "Our two 18-month projects will enable us to build core software infrastructure, but Project Bamboo is a broader endeavor.  The faculty, researchers, librarians, and technologists who carried out the planning process look to the long term. They envision an expanded repertoire of activities and projects that builds upon early successes, and they recognize the critical importance of long-term sustainability.  Of course, sustainability requires the attention of technologists to the Bamboo infrastructure, but it includes much more.  It calls for the creation of a stable organization that can encourage broad adoption, promote the sharing of services and resources, and ensure that Bamboo continues to address the needs of arts and humanities researchers.  Support from the Mellon Foundation is critical to launching Project Bamboo, and during the 3-year launch phase, a small group of institutions and organizations will be planning and building the specific projects that realize the software infrastructure of Project Bamboo.  But the initiative’s long‐term independence and sustainability will depend upon the collective efforts of a broader community of institutions."


  1. Unknown User (

    I took the liberty of adding some new categories of feedback here, not all of which generated navigation picks in the Feedback Headings section.  Don't know why some did and some didn't!  And apologies in advance for the quantity of feedback added here - I have a tendency to be a close reader of things like this.  Great start at this redesign, folks!

    1. Unknown User (marlita)

      Hello Jim, As always, your close reading and thorough thinking is a boon to the project; thank you. Thank you also for your additional headings - the original plan was to have separate feedback pages for each website page, along with headings, but that never quite made it out of the planning phase.

      Collections: At the partners' meeting this was an important and lively conversation and, in addition to gathering the rest of the feedback, we will be sure to draw David's attention to this important discussion. It sounds as though people are essentially saying that without providing access to collections, Bamboo is of little value and interest to scholars. I think this is why David wanted the priority success factor for WS to concern collections access. On the other hand, shared infrastructure and the ability for scholars to collaborate with others simply with their own content is very powerful too.

      Sustainability: If memory served, we had agreed to focus specifically on the BTP given resources and as the site is built out to add materials including those pertaining to the sustainability. Let's see if we can include some information in the first release if time allows.

      Printing: Thank you for pointing this out; I'd thought it was a problem with our wonky color printer!

      Get Involved: Great ideas; you are right that the current headings were placeholders.

      IA: I agree that adding an "Areas of Work" link to the top of the Applications and Infrastructure pages is a good idea. We have also discussed the necessity of the IA design being flexible enough to grow with the project. Breadcrumbs have also been discussed.

      Areas of Work: Thanks for suggesting the TSR information; we should include it.