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  • Project Bamboo Website Redesign, Q1 2012

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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This page is dedicated for gathering feedback on the Project Bamboo website Q 1, 2012 update. Please use the heading below into which to note your feedback. The headings correspond to each of areas of the site. If you have a general comment please use the Comments feature.

Please provide feedback by March 9, 2012.

Please be sure to initial and date your feedback, e.g. (MK 2/28/12) I think it's fabulous.

 Feedback Headings

The redesigned site is available online:

Home Page

once the site goes live the blog feed will be up to date and will show the most recent blog posting at the top.

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  • Personally I don't like "moving" home pages. YMMV. (SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
Header: internal navigation titles and IA structure
  • Fine. (SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
About Page
  • Can we please lose the "text enhancement", e.g., the linked word "working" on this page (and all other pages)? (SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
  • Is it appropriate to announce managing partner designations for Phase Two as a done deal? Might it be more proper to announce these as proposed, as Phase Two is, as of now, in a conceptual (unfunded) state? (SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
Applications Page
  • There's a claim for REs vis-a-vis ability to "annotate" content. Isn't this premature? Or are we calling the ability to do things like tag files "annotation"? (SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
Infrastructure Page
  • This page is poorly written and makes no sense. I would revert it to its old state (which I did not re-review). If it is to be rewritten, it should be rewritten by someone who understands what they're writing about. Sorry for the slam, but this is really quite poor, and unacceptable for publication. (SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
    • This sentence makes no sense: _We have identified initial collections of great interest to scholars -- including the HathiTrust repository, sections of the Perseus Digital Library, and 400 years of English texts from the Text Creation Partnership -- that will allow scholars to work across these large-scale collections with fewer impediments. -- identification of collections doesn't "allow" anything. It's doing something with those collections that allows new capability.(SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
    • This sentence makes even worse semantic sense: Bamboo will track these changes and, as scholars correct and annotate these digital texts in order to add to the richness of these already high-quality collections. -- ???????????????????????????????????????(SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
    • Holy cow. The whole of the web services section makes no sense.(SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
    • Standards Book Model should be Standard Book Model -- If this is live, I guess I didn't review it before. (SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
    • and will leverage RESTful APIs to manage these resources across the Bamboo ecosystem -- "leverage" is the wrong word here. "Expose"? If this is live, I guess I didn't review it before. (SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
    • Project Bamboo will delegate authentication to established institutional infrastructure, such as Shibboleth; and to social media identity providers. Ongoing work with Internet2 committees such as Shib-dev and COmanage will leverage edu-space experience and adopt new and existing software to meet Bamboo's requirements. -- "such as Shibboleth" doesn't make sense in this context, and the clause could simply be cut; and we are not currently working with COmanage. If this is live, I guess I didn't review it before. (SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
Blog Page
  • Fine. (SJM, 6 Mar 2012)
Community Page
  • The first two paragraphs are bland, they read as fairly empty to me. I haven't got the wherewithal to propose changes, but I don't especially like them. The Affiliates paragraph is fine. The Consortium paragraph has a sentence in it that implies partners (who develop) are not members of the Consortium. Is that our concept? The sentence: "Consortium members assist in the development of [...] by providing evaluative feedback" ????