This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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This page serves as a portal to various tools and other resources that the Bamboo team will be using. We expect that the materials and links will continue to evolve and grow as the project develops.

  • Status Report Template
    • Please use this template for weekly status reporting
  • Communication tools and protocols:
    • Email
      • Please subscribe to relevant email lists.
      • Please be sure to use a clear subject line for email correspondence and to change subject lines when the topic changes.
        • Many of us file our emails by topic and we can find relevant information faster this way
    • Meetings
    • We can use to set up meeting times
    • We can use, and Skype for conversations
      • Sometimes has poor sound quality. This is particularly likely when the number of callers is large.
        • In this situation, their FAQ recommends states:
          • How do I eliminate static or echo on my conference calls?
            If you experience static or echo on your conferencing line, please use the *5 key, to mute all callers. For participants that wish to speak have them press *6 to un-mute their line. Please refrain from using speakers, headsets, cordless phones, etc., if you encounter static or echo on your conference calls.
      • Please see a list of alternate, paid options you might consider if you think will not suffice.
    • We can use for whiteboard sharing
    • has just introduced a screen sharing option. Go to for details.
  • Tech Wiki Resources
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