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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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[In creating or augmenting an Activity Definition, please be familiar with the Instructions. Italicized instructions on this page may (should) be edited out as the sections are completed.]

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Rank Relevance

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Activity Definition(s)

Relevance ranking uses a variety of techniques to estimate the significance of content to a given context or question.  Ranking can be the result of an automated analysis of the internal characteristics of the object, such as the frequency of appearance and placement of terms within a text or metadata set.  It can be the product of social software and community ranking.  Or it can be the work of an individual scholar or small working group.  These approaches are not exclusive of each other and can potentially be implemented in complementary ways.

  • Optional: list of component steps

    Scholars' Stories (scenarios)

----Optional: examples of tools that perform some part or all of the defined activity, ideally with links to relevant project or vendor web sites

Tool name

What it does

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Related Collections/Content (examples)

----Optional: examples of collections / digital content / digital resources that could be involved in part or all of the defined activity, with links to relevant repository or site where available

Collection/content name

Collection/content description

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Applicable Standards or Standards Bodies

----Optional: examples of standards or standards-bodies applicable to the defined activity

Standard name / body

What it governs/regulates/standardizes - What it's for

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Notes, comments, related activities, concerns