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  • Research Hub atop Alfresco ECM at UC Berkeley

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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In September 2011, UC Berkeley Information Services and Technology released Research Hub (, a campus-wide service for collaboration and data management. The service was based on the open source Alfresco ECM platform and informed by faculty pilots and extensive outreach and engagement with arts and humanities scholars.   

Service Model

Research Hub is operated as a “freemium” service. We provide free 10GB of storage to all faculty, students and staff. Additional storage is available for purchase at recharge rates (passing on all costs). Users log on with their campus CalNet IDs. Offsite collaborators can be added to system individually or in bulk using the CalNet Guest Accounts program, a critical extension to identity management system that was co-developed and piloted by the Research Hub team.

Use Scenarios

Below are some common use scenarios supported by the Research Hub.

  • Personal File Management: save files from desktop or laptop, access from anywhere, and share with colleagues
  • Project Collaboration: quickly create collaborative project sites with blogs, wikis and social networking.
  • Department Resource Pool: upgrade your file server to Research Hub. Take advantage of thumbnails, previews, metadata, comments, versions, advanced search and filtering.
  • Research Data Management: meet funder requirements for data management, including backup, and dissemination channels for long-term access and preservation.

Usage Statistics

As of March 5, 2013, there are more than 3400 users and 650 project sites on Research Hub. Users come from dozens of academic and administrative departments. The library and the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive are among the most active organizations.

Articles:  Service Launch announcement, Fall 2012 Update 

Presentation: Supporting Research Data Management and Collaboration. UCCSC.  6 August 2012.

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