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  • SN-0019 The Global Performing Arts Database No. 1

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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The Global Performing Arts Database #1

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  • Name: Ann Ferguson
  • Email:
  • Title: Associate Director, Global Performing Arts Consortium (, in collaboration with GloPAC colleagues at Cornell University
  • Institution/Organization: University of Washington, Cornell University
  • Field of Study/Creative Endeavor:

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  2. What is this process intended to accomplish for the scholar?
  3. Who is the intended audience of the processes described?
  4. Is this the only process the scholar uses to accomplish his/her goals?
  5. What "shared services" would help transform the story into something of more benefit for the scholar or his/her audience?  What process or processes in the story could be automated?

We have created the Global Performing Arts Database (, a multimedia, multilingual, Web-accessible database containing digital images, texts, video clips, sound recordings, and complex media objects related to the performing arts from around the world, plus information about related pieces, productions, performers, and creators. Our partners use the GloPAD ingest system and metadata structure to directly input the digital images and descriptions of their performing arts related items. The database offers a highly sophisticated metadata schema that was created to accommodate the complexity of describing the elements of a performance.

One of our pressing needs is to develop an efficient way to incorporate the images and descriptions of performing arts related material that reside in digital collections that were created outside of the GloPAD structure—for example, material from a library's website, an online museum exhibit, or a theatre company's digital archives. Many creators of these small collections would be happy to see their material available in GloPAD, in addition to their home site. Right now the only way that can be done is for someone to manually enter all of the metadata from those collections into the GloPAD system.—a huge investment of time and resources. The metadata already exists in electronic form, so it is taking a step backwards to manually re-enter that data into GloPAD. Our dream is to have the means to easily harvest and export the metadata from these smaller digital projects without having to hire a database expert to set up each such transfer. Ideally there would be a service to which we, and others, could send that data, a service that would reformat that data to allow for direct import into the GloPAD metadata schema. The Open Archives Initiative protocol for harvesting is a good step in this direction, but does not offer the non-expert a service that would convert data into the forms for use in various display systems. Several database-based content management systems (Drupal, Joomla) and digital collections systems (Omeka, Open Collection) have, or are working on, extensions for export and import of data sets. What is needed is a reliable non-commercial service for carrying out transfers of data between collections. Our goal is to make it easier for scholars to find the digital resources they need for their work. By incorporating material from these smaller sites into GloPAD, we can get closer to providing theatre and other performing art scholars with a single authoritative repository of digital resources for their research.

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