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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Archiving and Annotating Digital media

Collection Date: March 13, 2009
Scholar #1 Info: (if more than one scholar's process is described, copy this set for each scholar)

  • Name: Deniz Gokturk
  • Email:
  • Title: Associate Professor of German
  • Institution/Organization: UC Berkeley
  • Field of Study/Creative Endeavor: German Studies

Collector Info (can be the same as "Scholar" above):

  • Name: Rich Meyer
  • Email:
  • Title: Project Bamboo Program Manager
  • Institution/Organization: University of California, Berkeley
  • Name: Connor Riley
  • Email:
  • Title: Graduate Student Researcher, School of Information
  • Institution/Organization: University of California, Berkeley

Notes on Methodology:

The collectors recorded this interview; delineated various workflows discussed in the interview and wrote them using quotes from the interview. These were then reviewed and edited by the interviewee before being posted.


The scope section is provided by the collector, with input from the scholar(s), and attempts to estimate the scope of the group that performs the processes described: How broadly do the practices described in this narrative apply to others in same field, in related fields, etc?

  1. In the opinion of the scholar, who participates in the process the story describes?
    (e.g. "just this scholar", "many people in the scholar's field of inquiry", "all academics", etc.)
  2. What is this process intended to accomplish for the scholar?
  3. Who is the intended audience of the processes described?
  4. Is this the only process the scholar uses to accomplish his/her goals?
  5. What "shared services" would help transform the story into something of more benefit for the scholar or his/her audience?  What process or processes in the story could be automated?


2. Suggested keywords: Does this narrative contain elements that could be mapped to these keywords?  If so, please indicate which ones and briefly describe the mapping.  Add any additional keywords in #3. (These are global keywords from this page keywords)

3. Please list additional keywords here:


For teaching purposes, I collect and use images, video clips, and other digital media, which I would like to be able to share with students taking my courses and also keep around for my own use, either for future courses or for referencing later. 
Currently, in order to share a file with my students, I log on to Berkeley's course platform, BSpace, and use their tools to upload the file to the course's or project's designated space. This allows all of the students in the class or the research team to view the file. By limiting who can see the file, I feel somewhat protected from issues of copyright, as access is limited to an academic context. 
There are several problems with using BSpace for digital media storage. It limits the size of the uploaded files, so I have to cut video clips to lengths that it will accept, which is time-consuming. BSpace only displays the name of the file, which may or may not be descriptive, so it might be hard to find an individual file later among many others. BSpace also does not allow streaming video, which is a very convenient format, so I have to save my video clips as a format BSpace accepts and hope my students have the software necessary to view them. Also, if I forget which class I used a video clip in, I cannot search through a list of all the files I have uploaded to all of my past courses, which makes BSpace a very poor personal repository. 
With respect to videos specifically, I find that the current process of preparing video clips very time-consuming. It is difficult to edit video precisely in free tools like iMovie, which are geared more toward the casual user. I use HandBrake to obtain DVD chapters in a common video format, which requires me to select the video and audio track I want; these usually aren't named descriptively, which sometimes results in my having to use trial and error to pair the right audio with the video.


I would like to be able to store and share files both with a select group of students in a course context or participants of a research project, as I can with BSpace, and as a more general archive of the media I use in my teaching and research. I would like to be able to store larger files to reduce the burden of constantly preparing clips. And I would like to be able to stream video to others for greater viewing convenience. 
I have a collection of images and video, which extends beyond the pieces I use for a single class.  A system that would allow me not only to store this media, but also search, annotate and share it would be very useful. Being able to store whole films in a personal repository would help reduce to load of constantly cutting and recutting video clips. If I could mark scenes within films to share with students, turn on or off commentary or other special audio tracks, it would save me time and fit the way I currently use video in my teaching. If I could additionally send out links to streaming versions of these scenes, it would additionally reduce the burden of downloading video on students. 
Since my personal collection is so large, I'd like to be able to search within it for particular scenes or movies. If I could decribe the contents of a scene visually or thematically, or tag it, and then search the tags to find it again along with related scenes, I wouldn't have to try to remember variously where I store the physical movie, where I might have saved the clip on my computer, or what class I might have used it in in the past. The same applies to images and other media. 

Other Comments:

The information below was comprised when transcribing the interview, to make sure pieces were not missing.  If it is unhelpful, please disregard.


Identify a piece of media to be shared on BSpace 
Digitize media if necessary 
Cut media to size required by BSpace 
Convert media to type required by BSpace 
Log on to BSpace 
Select the course to upload the file to 
Upload the file 

Ingredients: Tools and Content

Digital media: 
Video clip 
For preparing video clips: 



Example Link


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