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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Call In Info

Teleconference #: 605-990-0111 in the US
Access Code: 665165#
Teleconference will be recorded

Meeting Planner


The Shared Services working group shall define "scholarly activities" within the context of materials captured during Workshop 1 as well as narratives collected within the group and sought by the Stories working group (see below). The activities shall be analyzed by members of the group to identify a number of factors that will, in time, define and shape shared services in relationship to the services roadmap and framework. These factors may include (but not limited to) entities, service capabilities, and linkages. If specific standards, practices, or methodologies emerge, the working group shall gather references to these items for use later by other working groups.


  • Name and define scholarly activities
    • First pass list from theme groups [view list]
    • New activities we discover from narratives and discussion
  • Provide reference models
    • stories
    • tools
    • standards
  • Enable faculty and institutional leaders to see how activities are interlaced throughout a story(ies)
  • We will NOT be able to define or list every activity within the humanities! Add activities as you find them.


  • These are works in progress, not dissertations
  • Feel free to partially fill these out and return to them later.
  • Expect that multiple people will look at these; you will not be the last / final word



Meeting 1 - Today

  • Understand instructions
  • Know where resources reside
  • Select four to six activities with which you feel familiar – low hanging fruit (10-15 minutes each)
  • Select three to four activities with which you may be less familiar – may require research or talking with a faculty
  • Take first pass at naming and defining the activity
  • Ask another member(s) from your institution to provide feedback after your initial pass
  • Decide if we need a demonstrator(s)

Meeting Two - December

  • Redistribute activities so others can provide a third pass
  • Link activities to stories collected by our group and the stories group

Meeting Three - January

  • Assess where we are hitting roadblocks
  • Finalize what we want to present at Workshop Three
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