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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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For context on the nature and purpose of Theme Groups, as well as a complete list of Theme Groups and their definitions, please visit this page's parent, Theme Groups

Scholarly activities listed as part of each Theme Group are harvested from contributions to Themes pages during the community design period between Workshop One and Workshop Two. Lists of scholarly activities are not intended or expected to be comprehensive. Making the included activities more comprehensive and defining each at an appropriate level of detail is expected to be an activity of working groups in the period between Workshops Two and Three.


"Share/Publish" encompasses a full range of informal to formal modalities of communicating scholarly objects - from digital data sets to formally constructed and fully vetted (e.g., peer-reviewed) scholarly analyses. It may be reasonable and appropriate to consider this theme-group a close relative - or even a superset of - the Engage theme group, which focuses on sharing and publication outside the formal (institution-centric) universe of scholarship.

Included Themes

Scholarly Activities in this Theme Group

  • Publish an ontology
  • Publish a taxonomy
  • Publish an article in a printed journal
  • Publish an article electronically
  • Publish a (printed) book
  • Publish an e-book
  • Publish an edition (e.g., a modern edition of ancient music, a translation of a text authored in another language, etc.)
  • Publish to a pre-print archive
  • Publish a data-set (e.g., used to derive assertions in a published article, or useable in analyses by other scholars)
  • Publish documentation of methodology, tools, and or algorithms used to conduct a scholarly analysis
  • Identify and engage an appropriate publisher
  • Perform a work of art (e.g., musical composition, choreographed dance performance, dramatic performance, poetry reading, etc.)
  • Mount an exhibition (e.g., in a museum, as a digital collection, etc.)
  • Make available a formally curated digital library of materials
  • Show or broadcast a documentary film/video
  • Share work-in-progress with another scholar or group of scholars, for review and response (often a "controlled release" to a set of individuals determined by the originator of the work, using a formal or informal sharing platform such as a wiki or an e-mailed draft; but may involve publication 'to the world')
  • Present at a conference or seminar
  • Teach research to students
  • Tailor a teaching syllabus to complement research
  • Create a syllabus that reflects/communicates research methods, process, and/or outcomes
  • Guard the fruits of one's scholarship from public view until credit can be established
  • Publish provenance of the objects of analysis in a publication ("chains of credit") in a standard, exportable, remixable grammar and format
  • Publish information that tracks the contribution of each participant in a collaborative scholarly endeavor in a standard, exportable, remixable grammar and format