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  • Some Questions about Scope of Collections Interoperability

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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  • What would it mean to "bridge" to Hathi Trust from Bamboo?
  • Standardized content transformations - within scope? In some cases, transformation is expected to happen in the source repository, e.g. converting metadata into unqualified DC for OAI harvesting.But it's more ambiguous for other use cases. For example, some workflow processes may require that TEI-encoded texts be normalized by Nebraska's TEI Analytics tool. Is that a requirement to be imposed on the source repository, or is it a function of Work Spaces, or should it happen in a Collections Interoperability Layer? In other words, might CI specify that TEI Analytics is a requirement for interoperability, or merely TEI (Px) that can be passed to that tool in some other space? - P. Gorman, 2010-11-0
  • Curation of workflows and their products - within scope?
  • Standardized language of what you can do with collections?
  • Seek generalized solutions versus unique, per-scholar solutions?
  • Discovery and selection of content - within scope?
  • What are scope boundaries with tools, with transformations, with Corpora Space?
  • Is CMIS the right flavor of interoperability standard for this space?
  • Can we use demonstrators to show potential for Collections Interoperability?
  • Considerations of OAI-PMH up front, and other standards/protocols?
  • Need for variations and profiling of standards?
  • Can Fedora play a key role here, given the functional specs?
  • Experiment with a "dark" Fedora instance? This doesn't seem like a scope question - P. Gorman, 2010-11-01
  • Easily-configurable workflow support - within scope?
  • Does Wisconsin's "Forward" resource discovery tool fit here? More generally, does CI provide a resource discovery tool, or specify requirements for the successful use of such a tool? - P. Gorman, 2010-11-01
  • Does the Scholarly Web Services team "implement" the functions of Collections Interoperability?  [JDM, 10/11/2010]
  • Do Work Spaces and Corpora Space both access all relevant collections (even "local" ones) through Collections Interoperability?  [JDM, 10/11/2010]
  • What are the functions supported by Bamboo software that will be consuming content from networked collections, and what is (the minimum) set of features needed to support those functions well? [J Smith, 26 Oct 2010]
  • What sort of strategic standards and software packages would lower barriers for groups developing software for scholarly use in the humanities. Can such standards and software find application in a range of applications, from very simple exploratory programs to larger established systems? [J Smith, 26 October 2010]
  • Will this work dovetail with long-term projects by universities to develop re-usable content assets and infrastructure beyond (traditional) library applications? (Note: of course when we are lucky, libraries may get involved in such projects, but we can't always count on that happening everywhere and at all times.) [J Smith, 26 October 2010]

This list of questions was seeded from 25 May 2010 discussion at Wisconsin about Bamboo Collections Interoperability

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