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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Tag an Object

Keywords: Annotate

Activity Definition(s)

Tags are words or phrases associated with objects in order to classify them. By using tags, a scholar can develop his or her own classification system for objects by identifying which characteristics of objects will be important in recalling objects or sharing them with others. For instance, a scholar may decide that tagging an object's country of origin is important for all objects in her collection and will apply a tag to each object stating where it originated ('Korea', 'Myanmar', etc.). By following such an organized tagging scheme, the scholar is creating the vocabulary for a faceted classification system, classifying objects by tagging them.

  • Determine which characteristics of objects (e.g. country of origin, subject, creation date) need to be tagged in order to classify them
  • Review the specific object and it's associated metadata such as title, creator, creation date, site of origin
  • Review the tags which have been applied to other objects and determine what tag or tags apply best to this object
  • Associate the object with an existing tag or create a new tag for the object
  • Save this association for future use (e.g.: insert into local database or mark-up in XML)

Scholars' Stories (scenarios)

----Optional: examples of tools that perform some part or all of the defined activity, ideally with links to relevant project or vendor web sites

Tool name

What it does

Relevant links


Open-source content management system supporting tagging--extensions support machine tagging, taxonomy creation, free tagging, tag clouds




Related Collections/Content (examples)

----Optional: examples of collections / digital content / digital resources that could be involved in part or all of the defined activity, with links to relevant repository or site where available

Collection/content name

Collection/content description

Relevant links


bookmarking/tagging application for URIs: users apply tags to their saved bookmarks for recall/sharing










Applicable Standards or Standards Bodies

----Optional: examples of standards or standards-bodies applicable to the defined activity

Standard name / body

What it governs/regulates/standardizes - What it's for

Relevant links













Notes, comments, related activities, concerns