This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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This page answers some basic questions about how the Technology Wiki works. It does not duplicate general information and FAQs about the Bamboo Wiki spaces found on these (somewhat dated) pages of the Planning Wiki:

This wiki is powered by Atlassian Confluence. The vendor documentation is thorough and useful.

Can't find what you need here or in the vendor docs? We'll do our best to point you in the right direction if you e-mail

About this wiki space

What happens in this wiki space?

Project Bamboo's Technology wiki is a space for technology project definition, requirements gathering, design, and specification. The primary users are technologists and other participants in Project Bamboo's technology implementation projects.

Who can contribute to this wiki?

The Bamboo Technology wiki space is viewable by anyone. Persons with a login to this wiki may comment on pages (anyone may obtain a login). Team members involved in Bamboo Technology work described in this space may create and edit pages, etc. A small group of staff administers the space. (See the questions that follow for further information and detail.)

I don't have an account on this wiki. How do I get one?

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Please use the self-serve sign up functionality: click the Sign Up link at the top of this (or any) wiki page; or click here. If you are affiliated with a Bamboo Partner institution, you are encouraged to use your institutional e-mail address as your login ID, so that others can more easily identify your affiliation when you add, edit, or comment on wiki content.

Having trouble? Visit the Wiki Access HowTo page.

I should be able to create and edit pages, but I can't. What should I do?

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Please e-mail with your name, your login (often this is an e-mail address), the institution or organization with which you're affiliated (e.g., University of Maryland), and information about the area(s) or team in which you are active or seeking to become active (e.g., Corpora Space). Please cc: the Area Coordinator or your institution's team lead, so that we'll understand which team(s) you are a member of by the reference to someone we know. We'll respond to this e-mail by associating your account with the wiki group that has additional permissions on the wiki, such as permission to create and edit pages.

How can I see who is a "team member" with page create/edit privileges?

You can see the Technology Wiki Access page if you are already a "team member." If you can't see the page, we don't have your account listed in the group that has page create/edit privileges on the wiki. If we got it wrong, please see the prior question/answer!

What is the complete set of permissions on the Project Bamboo Technology wiki?

The permissions that can be granted in a Confluence wiki are explained on the vendor's Space Permissions Overview documentation page.

The following (partial) screenshots summarize space permissions on the Bamboo Technology wiki:

What if I need to create a page visible to a restricted group of users?

In order to maintain transparency in the Technology Wiki space, page restrictions are a "special case" that can only be performed by space administrators. Members of the bamboo-tech Confluence group (i.e., those who have page create/edit permission in the Tech Wiki space) may set up a Personal Space (see vendor documentation, and set permissions as they wish. Note that space permissions must be set to permit access to others of to your Personal Space (see vendor documentation, and individual page access applies ONLY if it is narrower than the space permissions you configure. See the How can I see who is a "team member"... question, above, if you're not sure whether you're a member of the bamboo-tech group.

How can I let people see pages in my "personal" wiki space?

(This answer is cribbed from the previous question.) Space permissions must be set to permit access to others of to your Personal Space (see vendor documentation, and individual page access applies ONLY if it is narrower than the space permissions you configure.

I forgot my password! How can I log in?

Visit the Login Screen by clicking the login link at the top of any page. Then click the Forgot your password? link beside the Log In button. Supply your username or the e-mail associated with your account (often the same, but not always). You will then receive an e-mail containing a link that you can follow to select a new password.

Contributing Content to the Technology Wiki

How do I add a new page on this wiki space?

As of July 2011, there's nothing more to it than adding a page through the "Add" menu at the top-right of any wiki page. Your new page will be a child of the page from which you invoke the Add : Page feature.

Do I need to use a template or add navigation to new pages?

Please do not use a template unless you are adding a page that is meant to be structured like other standard pages.

There is no need to manually add navigational elements, and doing so is strongly discouraged. Standard navigation for this space's wiki pages is on the left side, and is applied automatically to each page via the Documentation Theme. If you see something wrong or missing in the navigation panel at the left, let us know via e-mail to

If you're wondering what happened to the old, templated / manual mode of adding right-side navigation to wiki pages in this space, see Wiki navigation changes - July 2011.

Other Bamboo Technology Project collaborative tools

Where's the code?

Our Subversion code repository is at You might prefer to view code through Atlassian's FishEye environment, available at

Where are issues tracked?

Our issue tracker is powered by Atlassian JIRA. It can be found at

How can I get access to the issue tracker, so I can add issues, comment on issues, etc.?

When you go through the self-service sign up process for a wiki account, described above, you are also granted access to Project Bamboo's issue tracker (JIRA) by automatic assignment to the group jira-users. NOTE: it takes about an hour for membership in _jira-users to migrate to the JIRA application; we apologize for inconvenience caused by this delay, it's a workaround to a vendor bug that prevents enabling signup through either the wiki or issue tracker application. This basic access grants permission to create issues, comment on issues, and provide links between issues. (Detailed information on permissions in Bamboo's issue tracker can be found on the page Issue Tracker (JIRA) - Project Permissions.)

Are there e-mail lists I can join?

Yes! Please do. Cf. our Project Bamboo Technology E-mail Lists page for info. Also, you can find a public archive of our mailing lists at

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