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  • Tool integration atop the OpenSocial API

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Led by a team at Oxford University, the goal of this project was to develop a platform-independent approach to developing and deploying tools for arts and humanities scholars. The OpenSocial team explored the potential for developing tools using the OpenSocial framework, which allows developers to deploy applications in any platform that supports OpenSocial applications.  Our first priority was to port to OpenSocial a JISC-funded VRE for the Study of Documents and Manuscripts. Our secondary aim was to address the infrastructure, best practices, and policy issues around supporting an ecosystem of tools for arts and humanities scholars.


  • Close collaboration with SURFNet, European Higher Ed Consortium, to share requirements and pilot open source OpenSocial container (SURFconext).
  • Finding the initial SURFNet container unstable, the team switched to an early release of Apache RAVE incubator project to develop an OpenSocial container. This approach appeared more promising but, as an early release, the container was missing key functionality, which stopped the team from making significant progress on VRE-SDM tool deployment. Team was able to integrate Apache RAVE with Oxfords identity management service.
  • The team was able to further develop but could not fully implement VRE-SDM tools for image annotation, discussion, image viewing, and image management.
  • Little was accomplished around best practices for tool developers due to limited progress with core infrastructure.
  • At project close, Apache RAVE appeared to have significant momentum and may warrant further consideration, especially after next stable release of product. 

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