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  • Tools and Content Contributions to Proposal

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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The following is a draft outline of the text that the Tools & Content Workgroup can write for use in the proposal:

1. Introduction on Tools and Content

  • Why Bamboo is not developing tools or content, but is going to help others.
  • Discussion of terminology - what is a tool, what is a service ...

2. From stories to recipes

  • - What recipes are
  • - How they work to join stories to tools, content, and research processes
  • - How they helped identify gaps, and actions (and shared services)

3. Recipes as ongoing service for the community

  • We recommend that Bamboo take on the ongoing development of
  • recipes for the community and in a fashion that others can contribute. In other words a Humanities Research Cookbook is one things proposed.
  • Discussion of value of a cookbook
  • Discussion of how a cookbook would work
  • Working with associations to generate new stories and recipes

4. Reaching out to tool developers

  • Why we need to reach out to developers
  • The relationship between Bamboo shared services and tools (and developers)
  • What they need
  • How to encourage them to work with Bamboo services

5. Tools for Cooking Research

We recommend a series of outreach functions aimed at supporting tool developers. We should draw this from the Data-Driven Tool  report. Here are some ideas:

  • Tool evangelist office that takes identified gaps and works with developers to fill
  • Development of APIs so tools can interoperate and so tools can use services (and become services)
  • Documentation of APIs
  • Tool review venue that examines tools as to whether they follow best practices (including APIs). Give credit to those who
  • Contests - run contests to fill gaps and celebrate stuff
  • Discovery - help people find tools by helping them find recipes

Now you need something like 4 and 5 for Content

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