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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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User Perspective: Supporting local software development for specialist needs
One of our current research projects involves the analysis of the material culture collections of Australian Indigenous communities - material culture that is in museum collections all over the world and material that continues to be produced in communities today. We require a web-based system for multiple researchers to collate and analyse this material.
We are aware that by developing a system that only fulfils the needs of this one project would be a waste of resources. We have also learnt the hard way that the timelines and funding of a regular research grant are not enough to develop what we really need and when the research funding for that project runs out there will be no or few ongoing resources to support the maintenance of the system. To attempt to overcome this problem we are collating researcher requirements from several local projects with similar needs to explore the possibilities of developing a shared service. We are also researching existing open-source solutions looking for possibilities to build upon the work of others and develop software partnerships.
In future we hope that a Bamboo Services Registry would be our first 'port-of-call' and save an immense amount of time in searching for and evaluating existing software. We also hope that if we do manage to develop something of use to the research community that it could be nurtured through a process such as the Bamboo Shared Services Lifecycle, such that it could be made available to other researchers and made interoperable with other systems and tools.
scenario contributed by Katie Hayne, Project Officer, Research School of Humanities, The Australian National University

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