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  • W2 Services Framework Plan

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Services Framework Workplan

What needs to be done before Workshop Three? (Jan 12)

  • Here are some quick suggested tasks I drafted on the plane returning to Madison (Jim Muehlenberg), feel free to hack away at these!  Most of them were discussed in the breakout groups and the two post-meeting meetings:
  • 1.  Lay out information architecture for both "Stories" and "Activities" entities and their relationships - templates?
  • 2.  Consider the best tool(s) for capture of these - is it just the wiki, or something else that is more workable?
  • 3.  Harvest stories from wiki content from workshops 1
  • 4.  Get stories from each institution
  • 5.  Generate stories from each 4/6 presentation at workshops 1 and 2
  • 6.  Harvest stories from scenarios in proposal, elsewhere?
  • 7.  Other methods, other media to capture stories?
  • 8.  Begin analysis of proposed activities while stories are being gathered (the activities in the theme groups)
  •      -- refactor, cluster, generate new ones, tweak, etc
  •      -- fill in details of template
  •      -- linking together as needed
  •      -- include component steps -- look for entities (digital resources), look for service capabilities (what to do with them)
  • 9.  As stories come in, analyze stories for references to existing activities and generate new activities as needed
  •      -- see 8. for more details
  •      -- link stories to activities, existing or new ones
  •      -- feedback to originators, clarify as needed
  •      -- further inform the activity analysis

Milestones to accomplish this by Workshop Three (Jan 12)

















What will it require to accomplish these milestones?

  • Meetings
  • Effort
  • Other

What other resources will / might be needed?


Do you foresee needing any demonstrator projects?


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