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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Standards and Specifications Workplan

What needs to be done before Workshop Three? (Jan 12)

  1. Identify stakeholders and types of participants in the exploration of Bamboo's position with respect to standards: both to serve as informants and also to be included as representation on a longer-term working group
  • identify relevant arts and humanities fields (this is a demonstrator)
  • identify relevant professional associations, including interdisciplinary organizations (this is a demonstrator)
  • post these initial lists for review and amplification by the Bamboo participants
  • use these lists as a map to guide the identification of representatives from each field; these will help the workgroup identify the relevant standards and best practices in the arts and humanities that Bamboo needs to be aware of; also contact representatives from IT, library fields
  • make sure to identify stakeholders by role and not only by field: e.g. someone who understands material culture, visual culture, etc.
  1. Select a subset of the fields identified from which to draw an initial sampling of standards and issues or problems, on the basis of which to model a set of appropriate approaches (to be scaled up when larger-scale funding is available).
  • identify the outer boundaries of Bamboo's purview with respect to standards: most technical end, most "best practice" end, significant points in between.
  • identify issues (relevant to standards) specific to each field; try to delegate this to representatives of specific fields
  • maybe post a query to relevant listservs (demonstrator?)
  • talk to faculty informants
  1. Develop a rough initial inventory of relevant standards
  • query the humanities, IT, and library informants from item 1 above concerning the relevant standards and best practices in their field
  • issue a query to relevant listservs
  1. Develop a set of case studies, with criteria that can devolve from them.
  1. Identify a liaison from the Standards group to interact with members of other WGs

Milestones to accomplish this by Workshop Three (Jan 12)

















What will it require to accomplish these milestones?

  • Meetings
  • Effort
  • Other

What other resources will / might be needed?

Do you foresee needing any demonstrator projects?

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