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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Table of Contents

Progress and Demonstrators

  • Education very quickly bled over into issues centered in other working groups
  • PB could help to facilitate cultural literacy beyond text, and to include not only beyond-textual media but information design and architecture
  • Faculty learning from students: how to construct a class that incorporates "360 degree learning"
  • Handoff to Lori Emerson re: Assess/Advocate: advocate to administrators re: what the funding needs are to support scholarship (research and teaching) in a digital age.
    • MLA documents on tenure/promotion state the obvious, but that's needed
    • Could PB have a role in ratification of digital work
    • Dossier form is not amenable to digital work ... lacks way to express relevance of a digital project
    • Profession-wide active/public evaluation - can PB enable that?
  • Mark Williams / Dartmouth - Media Ecology Project
  • Sammy Basu
    • How can PB support new generations of syllabus publication that move from static text pages, to hyperlinked and image-decorated presentations, to conceptually-mapped presentations (that foreground concept maps)? Materials are linked from Education Working Group part of wiki, or directly cf.

Report: Proposal and Moving Forward

Discuss charter and scope in reference to proposal. How does the proposal outline impact the scope of this direction? Do the priorities of this direction change given the proposal outline? Is anything in this direction getting lost or overlooked given the proposal outline?

3-year plan: Where is the low hanging fruit? What are the most important priorities for each of the three years?
Workplan through Proposal Submission: What are the primary elements of this direction that belong in the proposal? What is the path toward fleshing out the elements?

  • Unwieldy discussion
  • Short-term goals vs one principle long-term goal
  • 3-6 mos: agreed collectively to change charter, in relationship to bullet points that we proposed yesterday
  • Attempt snapshot survey or audit of tools/practice sites that other orgs and inst have already done
  • Debate about this goal - is it effective or could it even be effective? changing terrain
  • But we have to come up with a snapshot assessment to understand what to do differently
  • Conduct snapshot survey of extant exploration labs, especially involved w/ new digital content
  • identify priorities for small institutions/colleges - priority of the proposal overall
  • Should there even be a working group for small colleges/institutions? - their needs are broad and distinct enough they may need their own voice
  • Long-term goal: exploration labs, but also understand labs both as nouns and verbs
  • Physical spaces + new ways to rethink tools
  • Interested in developing better communication between working groups
  • Would like scholarly networking group to talk to us about pedagogy - work together on this
  • Grad students - so few grad students here informing what it is we want to do and why
  • Distribution/promotion of available digital content
  • This is a goal PB might want to undertake, not just looking for things, but giving things more of a profile, so people know they're there and how to use them
  • Priorities:
    • Smaller colleges/institutions
    • Distinctive about PB: has a smart, critical point of view -- this should be a brand
  • This is about the humanities, so this just makes sense: want to foreground self-critical project
  • Very committed to that, especially in education WG
  • Wanted to float idea of establishing grant opportunities, esp for teaching and pedagogy development -- not even necessarily big grant opportunities
  • We want to create low-hanging fruit instead of identify it
  • Identify gaps in current dig hum environment, have PB focus on those gaps
  • Guide the kind of advisory/forum capacities that PB has always tried to achieve
  • Guide whatever future building proposals are going to be

Q & A

Q: can focus on small institutions, is this something institutional support can work on?
Q: Why aren't grad students involved? This is the place where research/teaching come together

  • DAG: Not on purpose - there was more representation at W1
  • Some is net result of who comes, who's funded/chosen/chooses themselves
  • This is an important audience that we have to engage, maybe through the stories group, the grad students and post-docsĀ  in W1 were very helpful
  • Participants perceiving that they're asked to provide institutional representation, therefore, no grad students
  • DAG: We had to limit team size, trying ot reach out to so many audiences
  • Had an active grad student from Texas in Stories, she couldn't afford to come, had no institutional support
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