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  • W3- Joint Working Group Meeting

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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The Scholarly Narratives, Shared Services, and Tools & Content Partners groups met jointly to discuss moving forward

Report: Moving Forward

3-year plan: Where is the low hanging fruit? What are the most important priorities for each of the three years?
Workplan through Proposal Submission: What are the primary elements of this direction that belong in the proposal? What is the path toward fleshing out the elements?

  • Joint meeting because all three working groups trying to get at same info - how do we get there?
  • Try to look at scholarly practice, look at what commonalities are there so we can have a process identifying different "shared services" implementation proposals in W4
  • Still trying to get at the activities at W2
  • Group discussion said that word "activity" and "narrative" and "recipe" and "shared service" all sound like processes at different levels of specifcity
  • Still struggling with the right level of abstraction
  • Scholarly narratives = you don't just submit it and that's that, having some sort of iteration there
  • Action item out of joint meeting- a term was banned from PB discussions, but I can't tell you what it is
  • Jim M: Each group can help each other flesh out their homework -- tools can annotate and elaborate on work in activities, and other connections like that_
  • Recipe was mostly aimed at story level, but that's another level of concrete analysis that would helop us iterate in more detail in the stories
  • Shared services at the end of its session: needing to somehow defineĀ  activities around content provision to enable scholarly activities
  • Need to do more work together
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