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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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16 April - 5/10 Scholarly Networking (John Norman)

  • Discovery of specific relevant resources and other projects'
  • Support for isolated scholars
  • Support for early-career scholars
  • Discovery, communication and collaboration-enabled profile information
  • Different sites have different profile setups
  • Since the last meeting...
    • Participants helping review different extant technologies (haven't analyzed yet, no conclusion, but a lot of promising stuff)
    • At Cambridge, discovered a potential role for university presses in supporting scholarly societies
    • VRE user research models
    • OU has done extensive survey of faculty re: use of social networking
    • Further exploration of how scholarly networking intersects w/ institution/discipline/individual
    • Talks with Heurist - one of promising technologies
  • Arithmetic of collaboration: 2 + 2 = 5 - this is what we expected, what went wrong
  • 2 + 2 + 2 = 3
  • For every institution, you put 2 in and get 3 out - don't give up, collaboration is hard, but it's worth it

    Q & A

  • Outcome of OU survey - scholars & students alike are using social networking sites
  • I wondered to what extent that reflects practice at other universities
  • A: Well, that's what's available - not necessarily because what people want to happen?
  • Critical mass effect - I don't think academia.edu hasn't gotten the traction yet.
  • "Network effect" - some existing networks are getting close
  • Observations - all this shows us is that a need is there

16 April - 5/10 Narratives & Recipes (Duffy Gillman & Tim Cole)

  • Scholars contributed a great deal of detail in W1 - felt disconnected at W2
  • Artifacts that should've been there to bring people together were missing
  • Provide a connection between scholarship & IT
  • As you read the program document, scholarly narratives have taken on "how do we talk about ourselves/define the needs?" - keeping worlds aligned
  • Scholarship we're trying to support, and the consortium trying to support cyberinfrastructure
  • Technologist: how can we understand needs of scholars? How do we market ourselves to scholars/funding agencies?
  • Scholars: What technologies support my work? What needs aren't served?
  • PB needs a map: an artifact that keeps us all focused.
  • From world of scholarship to tech on the other
  • Bamboo "Tri-Group" team envisions such a map
  • What recipes are within a given narrative? What activities? How do these map to tools/content services?
  • This is a framework for our understanding
  • Importance of understanding needs
  • Narratives not always written using technology terms
  • Going from narratives to requirements - recipes as model for doing that, probably needs some refinement
  • Teasing out relevant elements to identify activities/needs/shared services/etc.
  • Enables scholar to do what they're doing, better
  • Bridge technologists and scholarship
  • Scholars do work in their head while organizing information, but it's helpful to gather information all in one place
  • Most scholars use some kind of technology, even if working in their head - even if only note cards, marginalia, etc.
  • Demonstrator using XSLT (#45, Hooper) - reformatting TEI into HTML; this is kind of service
  • Scholarly narrative can become a motivation and assessment measure of a certain service
  • Implications for Bamboo: "forum" facet will advance narrative/recipe/activity service to make it more streamlined/efficient
  • Is recipe top/down? Is that appropriate?
  • Should there be a technologist's equivalent? Are we leaving them out?
  • Translating between communities - language that makes sense to each
  • Encourage people to put their stickers on narratives
  • How best to curate this?

    Q & A

  • Bradley Cohen - Univ of MN - what about an active research process to assess practice and discover recipes rather than blanket calls? TC: ethnography & funded analysts & data gatherers will produce more and more useful results ... once there is interest/funding to realize that more focused effort
  • John Coleman - Bamboo has not yet exploited extant surveys, including applications for funding (mentioned at W1 as a source). DG: Yes. But we don't have funding yet. This is the right thing to do, but we haven't had a lot of traction to-date given volunteer-only work. TC: Perhaps JC can identify particular sources that ought to be mined.
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