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  • W4 Action Plan - 3.1 Scholarly Network

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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What should be the qualities of a project in this area?

  • Use existing network platform or create something specific? The project should produce a clear decision.
  • Should include a learned society and an academic institution (preferably multiple societies and institutions) - not exclusive criterion
  • Strong academic individual input (Scholarly Narratives)
  • Demonstrate global potential (multiple continents/cultures)
  • Demonstrate persuasive illlustrations of value add.
    • e.g. recommender system
  • OpenSource
  • Readiness for wider adoption if more popular than expected
  • Achievable within limited resources

What could be done in one year? What could be done in two years?

  • (1 Year) Sign up 3 societies (2 Years) Prototype deployment and use of network (3 years) substantial use across societies in project

What may be the dependencies or necessary relationships?

  • Content partnerships for research "social graph" or recommender system
  • Scholarly Narratives
  • ?Service Atlas and Bamboo Exchange?
  • Cornell Vivo software, Harvard Catalyst Profiles, EthicShare (Carlton?), BibApp (Wisconsin)
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    EthicShare is from Univ. of Minnesota, see  For more info about BibApp, see