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  • W4 Action Plan - 3.2 Scholarly Narratives

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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What should be the qualities of a project in this area?

What could be done in one year? What could be done in two years?

Year 1

  • There has been some work done on how humanities scholars use technology. We need to review that literature.
  • Examine current corpus with an eye to structuring stories to be more readily adaptable as recipes/etc.
  • Collect a more representative sample of scholarly narratives in a structured format as determined above.
  • We need to discover the levers inherent in extant scholarly practices that will get people engaged in doing digital things interested in the Bamboo process.

Year 2 (and beyond)

  • Expand/focus narratives to include other genres: success stories ("impact") might be especially useful early on as one way to make an argument for the utility of the tools and services already available and dream stories might identify gaps in the current offerings that the plan/build dimensions of Bamboo could seek to address (i.e., things people want to do but they can't do, where technology might fit in, ask scholars to speculate on technologies of use).
  • Explore alternative forms of documentation: video, audio, etc.
  • Questions: Should we focus intensely on several communities and focus story/scholarly narratives collection there?  Why do some communities gravitate towards resources and others not? Sample scholars that have different work practices e.g., classicists with more of a network culture vs. scholars with more of an individual research tradition (English)

What may be the dependencies or necessary relationships?

  • Antecedent dependency: scholarly network.
  • Need tighter collaboration with recipes and activities (not really a dependency)
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  1. Unknown User (johnlaudun)

    Thanks, Beth, for getting the notes up so quickly!

  2. Unknown User (

    Sorry I missed WS #4, but I got a full report from our college's rep there, Jeff Drouin. I think the action plan makes good sense for year #1, though I wonder if there are any targets in terms of numbers of narratives we are looking to gather and whether we have been able to refine our approach as to what is the best way to solicit them? I did participate for some time in the weekly phone conference calls (though I had to stop calling in at a certain point because of work pressures) and there was the beginning of a good conversation, headed up by Duffy, on these issues. Are we going to go back to the conference calls again? See you all, for certain, in D.C. for WS #5.

    Steve Brier