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  • W4 Action Plan - 4.3 Shared Services Lifecycle

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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What should be the qualities of a project in this area?

Appliance Project

  • It must realize a complete appliance
  • It must deliver multiple services
  • It must be built on pre-defined open-source software stacks
  • It must constrain the number of middleware stacks
  • It must constrain the number of operating systems running on the appliance
  • It must include at least two sites (to prototype replication)
  • It must include three layers (Sandbox, Quality Assurance, Production)
  • It must permit "take out" (individual software developer can instantiate a sandbox appliance on her local machine)
  • Assumption is that deployment is source code, test mechanisms, & build scripts that live in a code repository

What could be done in one year? What could be done in two years?

One Year

  • Define range of OS and software stacks supported
  • Deploy hosting systems for the appliance at two sites
  • Deploy sandbox to production layer at two sites
  • Define and implement promotion process that includes all layers (sandbox, qa, prod)

Two Years

  • Scale to multiple sites (>2)

What may be the dependencies or necessary relationships?

  • Services come from somewhere in other areas of Bamboo to run on these appliances
  • Need to be able to define constraints necessary to provide appliance, that will leave sufficient room for service developers to do their work
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