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  • W4 Action Plan - 4.4 Tool and Application Alignment Partnerships

This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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What should be the qualities of a project in this area?

  • need to find the needs that interoperability serves for scholars, or the 4-5 capabilities Bamboo can uniquely provide projects
    • a suite of language analysis tools available across languages
    • being able to browse disparate resources by time and space on a slick UI (google map)
      • visible past (mashup google sketch, google maps, wikipedia to view ancient Rome over time)
      • UC Berkeley timeline tool
  • need to find something that appeals to a wide group in this community
  • need to find low hanging fruit - something that can be done in 12 months and show a result
  • must be able to partner with tool/project/resource owners; these folks must be willing and able to share resources
  • should avoid interoperability projects already being addressed (unless we're collaborating with those projects)
  • must have accessible/available faculty whose problems are being met
    • requirements gathering
    • testing
    • validation/proof of value

What could be done in one year? What could be done in two years?

  • not sure we have the right quantity in this group to address this
  • need a result that charts a path forward - that demonstrates function but lays the groundwork for future interoperability
  • should demonstrate functionality that answers a real research questions for a real body of scholars
  • we need something generalizable and need the right people watching this aspect, and promoting it as core Bamboo technology
  • we need something functional

*caution: if we select a single tool or architecture, how to maintain working relationship with those who are not served by the application that is selected? Do we address them in year two? Do we promote co-development around a core architecture?

What may be the dependencies or necessary relationships?

  • relationships with projects and faculty
  • we need a mechanism in Bamboo for submitting, identifying and selecting projects (vote? selection by program staff?)
  • content group will be a key relationship - they are working on another facet of interoperability
  • we need the body within Bamboo that will design or will be able to recognize "good architecture" for the reusable pieces of projects that can be come Bamboo's core technology/platform
  • we need awareness of projects and standards relevant to the central problems of the tool(s) selected
  • need to define the incentives for working with Bamboo
  • need to work with relevant standards bodies
  • need to provide a lightweight governance of architecture/standards/protocols - similar to Internet and IETF
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