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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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The Project organizers have set aside time on Monday, 1/12, for a workshop-wide stories session. Lunch will be an hour and a half. After the first 30 minutes interested attendees will convene in groups to discuss topics they would like to bring forward as exemplars or visions for technology Bamboo might support or provide. The Stories WG will be charged with structuring this activity to gather information and identify stories to be better developed to guide work in the community.

Proposed Process

  1. Email sent to community 12/21
    • Describe process
    • Solicit topics for discussion
  2. Create wiki form for gathering very brief overviews:
    • Topic Name
    • Brief Description
    • Fuller Descriptions (<1 page)
    • Links to resources
  3. Stories Group sorts topics in preparation for the workshop
    • Bring together conversation groups with related interests
    • Alert workgroup liaisons about conversation groups which may interest them
  4. Develop guiding questions for conversation groups to guide them to useful/usable stories
  5. Devote one or more Stories WG participant to each group to help identify groups to write up compelling stories
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