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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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About Project Bamboo Community Design

The Project Bamboo Community Design and analysis process began in earnest shortly after the fourth instance of Workshop One, and will wrap up as we approach Workshop Two (scheduled for October 2008).

The extended Project Bamboo Community is invited to contribute, including but not limited to those who participated in Workshop One (at Berkeley, Chicago, Paris, or Princeton).

Project Bamboo's program staff, based at UC Berkeley and the University of Chicago, will help to "garden" these areas of the wiki.  "Gardening" activity will focus on a set of simple guidelines, listed below. A simple set of Wiki ground rulesshould help to ensure that the many voices of Project Bamboo participants are included as our community-design activity evolves. If you have questions or concerns regarding some aspect of the wiki's evolution, please feel free to send e-mail to

To help make the Bamboo wiki a place where everyone feels welcome to contribute their own feedback and suggestions, we have put together a few guidelines for users.

Community Design Guidelines

  • Collaborate. We are growing a community with an aim to design and develop together, across disciplines, institutions, and professional roles (e.g., scholar, librarian, IT professional). To that end, the processes of identifying themes of scholarly practice and of mapping Project Bamboo's future should be a joint effort, in which collaboration and synergy are an ideal form of contribution. While solo authorship will certainly have its place in Project Bamboo, a collaborative, mutually engaged and respectful process is crucial to our efforts.

  • Seek commonality without sacrificing uniqueness. As themes and future directions are posted to the wiki, we hope participants will contribute to common pages where appropriate rather than propose ideas that are duplicative or broadly overlapping. Wiki "gardeners" may suggest to authors / contributors of multiple pages that they consider whether similar-seeming proposals should evolve toward a single, common theme or direction.

  • Multiple perspectives enhance value. Disagreement is to be expected. The templates for identification of themes of scholarly practice and for mapping Project Bamboo's future hold space open for multiple, divergent points of view. As we develop common understandings and priorities for arts and humanities scholarship and how Project Bamboo can enhance scholarly practice, divergent perspectives will deepen and strengthen our efforts. No one should be afraid to or be censured for expressing alternate viewpoints in our wiki's community design pages.

Wiki Contribution Ground Rules

  • Add, don't delete.  Instead of changing what others have written, add your own perspective, and indicate it with your own name.
  • Be nice.  You probably won't agree with everything the others users have said, but don't let personal jabs slip into your response.
  • Avoid distractions.  We hope a lot of conversations will emerge from this material. To facilitate everyone's participation, we ask that if a discussion turns to personal or unrelated matters between colleagues, you take up the topic via e-mail or as a sub-page of your own profile on the wiki.

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