This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Workshop 4 took place April 16-18 in Providence, RI.

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Day 1, April 16

Day 2, April 17

Day 3, April 17

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  1. Unknown User (johnlaudun)

    Thanks for posting a smaller version of the poster!

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      We'll rework it slightly next week based on input from Workshop 4, and post a new version. We can also cook up that 11" x 17" version.

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    Here are a few discrete, specific, showcase projects which might span across the above areas, while demonstrating Bamboo's unique value proposition, providing immediate value and also representing steps toward larger more holistic solutions.  These are just a few of the ideas I've heard bandied about the past two days.

    1.  Author Authority.  Bamboo appliance which enables a school to identify their scholars as unique.   the appliance would allow them to communicate their scholars' CVs in a standardized manner.  This could enable:

    2. Connect scholars with JSTOR, Zotero, etc.  Once a school has identified their scholars, then JSTOR could enable author-specific functionality.  For instance, once the author of a given article is identified, that author could have functionality on that article that ordinary users wouldn't have (perhaps within the commentary about the article).  Connect that data with Zotero and users would be able to "see the topics that the author of this article is currently working on."  (this has the added benefit of only being enabled because the university (or society) is vetting the scholars, and so could lead to scholars asking for their school to get involved with Bamboo, so that they can have the same voice that other scholars have. 

    3.  Digital Collection Catalog / Repository.  Libraries have diverse collections, and there is currently limited means for a humanities scholar to know what is out there -- Bamboo could define the terms under which libraries would define their own digital collections, and share their collections (or at least the catalogue of those collections.)

    4. Enable text mining of XX content.  Define the terms under which an institution can share content to enable text mining, and a scholar can perform that mining.  Sample content from JSTOR and other contributing members

    Each of these applications would involve virtually all of the 11 areas of activity, from the scholarly networking and recipes groups to define the scope and approach, to the services atlas to enable the functionality.  They are also focused enough to provide immediate return, and concrete enough to demonstrate immediate value.  Or at least that should be the goal.