This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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Columns for DAG, PLS, and REM toward middle-right side of page are recommended items for review. (plus) signifies "ready for review"; (warning) signifies "not ready yet."

"NRFR" in the Notes column abbreviates: NOT READY FOR REVIEW (as of 18 April 2013).



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  Head page: Documentation (tick)(tick)(plus)    An "alternative" entry point to the About Project Bamboo page, much material is recycled.

About Project Bamboo


Overview [QAD and SJM]




Cataloging Digital Tools for Humanities Scholarship: Bamboo DiRT


Origin in Bamboo Planning phase [QAD]


Overview of site functionality as of March 2013. [QAD]


How to build a site like Bamboo DiRT using the Drupal content management system [QAD]




Interoperability of Digital Collections


Humanist Scholars' Use of Digital Materials [Cole/Green, QAD]

(tick)(tick)(tick)    (tick) 

Bamboo Book Model [repurpose BHB text from Bamboo Book Model - CMIS Binding and Fedora Repository Implementation]

(tick)(tick)  (plus)    

Collection Interoperability Hub: architecture and implementation  [Parod]; notes toward evolution/refactoring of implementation [various, may include Almas, Barton, Cole, Parod, Schmitz]

    (plus)   Almas, Barton, Cole, and/or Schmitz may contribute ideas on Future Development Directions for the CI Hub. They were invited on 24 May 2013 to do so, and asked to respond with their intentions in "a week or two."

User Experience - Repository Browser - Local Fedora Objects [BHB]

(tick)(tick)(tick) (plus)    



Proxied Access to Remotely Hosted Tools for Scholarship


contextual overview, including value of service invocation in unified user/security context; cf. various BMA blog posts on Tech Wiki [SJM, BMA]


links to APIs and descriptive material in this documentation [SJM]


links/contacts re: ongoing availability of Scholarly Services running on BSP [SJM, BMA]




Identity and Access Management (IAM): Authentication and Authorization


Overview, perhaps drawn from SJM wiki post of Nov 2012, User-onboarding: creating a Bamboo Identity (or others) [SJM]


Component overview (cf. IAM Components and Status - background for assessing value and cost of PoC completion) [SJM]


Client-perspective overview on consuming / being-constrained-by IAM services [SJM]

  Overview of Account Services Module (Drupal client developed by Brian Wood for managing Bamboo identities)(tick)(tick)(tick)      
  Description of AuthZ and Policy (Authorization and Policy)(tick)(tick)  (plus)    
  Authentication - Current Limitations and Future Direction  - (tick) - done unless KH has additional suggestions (24 Apr 2013)(tick)(tick)  (plus)(plus)  linked as "ECP N-Tier" in row below this one
Keith, SJM

Cf. links to wiki pages and JIRA issues at right

Steve's up next on:

  • nothing as of 30 Apr 2013

Keith's up next on:

Cf. in-progress tracking and notes at KeithH Documentation Pages

Notes and links (including to install and configure docs in this documentation set) re: technologies necessary to the functioning IAM infrastructure (including Social/SAML GW, httpd for client auth, SAML metadata for IdPs, SPs); and potential future (ECP N-Tier) [SJM, KH; cf. IAM-26, IAM-79, IAM-92, BSPTCH-37]. Though the links from this page are inserted, many of them link to placeholders, or partially-completed pages. These placeholders and partially-completed pages are mainly waiting on Keith Hazelton as of 15 April 2013.

A cleaner list of related pages, including the "current limitations" page linked in prior row:



review of linked pages recommended in row above and in "Centrally-Hosted ..." row several below this one


Links to APIs and architectural overview in this documentation [SJM]

 (tick)      (links are on head page of hierarchy)



Centrally-Hosted Bamboo Services: Development, Deployment, Invocation

sub-pages re: configuration, etc.:


Expected to be ready for review week of 6 May, with exception of Social/SAML Gateway doc, which will be some weeks late.


Services APIs (CI Hub, Scholarly Services, IAM/Core/Utility services on BSP):


remaining work is to consider what additional material re: default permissions state needs to be added to Group service API, and whether a disclaimer ought to be added re: binding service API to back end (Grouper) impl in giving additional privilege-setting parameters in the API (sjm, 7/2/2013

  • CI Hub – addition of recipe-style RESTful invocations to address core CI Hub use cases, as derived by BHB from Repo Browser code [BHB agreed on 6/12/13 to supply these by 6/21/13]
  • Group (needs use case recipes transferred from KH Draft page (tick)
  • Group needs addition of privilege types and names (parameters sent in selected methods), TBD by Keith as of 1 May 2013 (tick)
(tick)(tick)  (plus)(plus)  Mostly complete; ready for review in light of exceptions noted at left.


  • SOA-layer Javadoc [SJM, FA, BMA, Parod]
        generated and published at

Developer Workbench Environment for BSP Service Developers [SJM, FA]


Configure Apache Web Server for Client Auth, Maintaining Application Catalog Data for Trusted Clients [SJM, KH, Brian Wood; cf. IAM-103, IAM 116]

(tick)(tick)      see minor status notes above
Keithsee status notes above

Grouper Install - Configure - Populate [SJM, KH; cf. IAM-77, IAM-107, IAM-108, IAM-113]

(tick)       see status notes above

BSP Architecture [FA]

(tick)(tick)  (plus)(plus)   
 will not do

Notes on a hypothetical refactoring to yield an AuthZ framework of general utility [FA] – this documentation was not completed by the time the clock ran out...

(error)(error)(error)   (error)(error) 



Research Environments to Store, Manipulate, and Manage Digital Content

   (plus) (plus)  REM to note code and API links at bottom of page

Overview [DAG SJM]


Bamboo Book Model - CMIS Binding and Fedora Repository Implementation

  • CMIS atop Fedora [BHB]
  • CMIS ACL implementation atop Apache Chemistry, Fedora (permissions) [BHB]
  • Book Model implemented in Fedora store [BHB]
(tick)(tick)(tick) (plus)(plus)   

Diagram contextualizing "demonstration ware" (i.e., tools built in HZ: Repos. Browser, Syntactic Annotation UI) as instances of tools integrated in an RE built atop a general-use platform like HUBzero, Alfresco, Drupal [BHB]

(tick)(tick)  (plus)(plus)   

Client Environment-Tool-Service Integration with Bamboo IAM infrastructure [SJM, KH, Brian Wood]

(tick)(tick)   (plus)   

Managing groups across applications and platforms, cf.  Simple Group Synchronization  [SJM, BHB, FA]

(tick)(tick)  (plus)    

Managing digital content with an institutionally-deployed ECM: Research Hub atop Alfresco ECM at UC Berkeley [Noah]


Managing digital content preservation via integration with an institutional archive (Alfresco@UCB - Integration w CDL Merritt Repository) [Noah]


Tool integration atop the OpenSocial API [Noah]


Links to code and APIs [SJM, BHB, Brian Wood, Noah]




Curation of Digital Materials: planning for future development


not meant to be a full overview, but a conceptual look at where PB was headed toward were P2 to have gone forward


potential candidate documentation to include or from which to cull:


Officer's Grant draft Sec 3 Rationale (access restricted to Quinn, David, Steve, Seth, Patrick; this material can be freely pulled into a public space at QAD's discretion)


Bamboo Phase Two Classics Use Case


May 31 proposal draft text from Appendix B Scholarly Data Management


Martin Mueller's August 2011 draft-for-Bamboo Collaboratively Curating Early Modern English Texts (also note Martin's paper, Collaborative Data Curation of Early Modern English Texts from a Mellon workshop convened in May 2010, attached to the wiki page Mellon Workshop on curating Early Modern texts, May 11, 2010 as a precursor to the text drafted for Bamboo 15 months later)


Bruce Barton's 'grand vision stage' articulation of P2 ambition: Phase II -- Building on Phase I

  Classics Capabilities Map         



Proposals to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


Final proposal for the Bamboo Planning Phase (public draft, QAD has access to the copy that was public on the Chicago-hosted site)


Final proposal for the Bamboo Technology Project, Phase I & only (public draft)




Links to Project Bamboo on-line artifacts


includes links to:

  • archived website
  • wiki archives
  • (post-project, e.g., Sourceforge) code repository
  • javadoc (if hosted separately from this wiki)
  • whatever's retained of JIRA issues
  • e-mail list public archives ( domain link and/or Google Sites link)
  • Bamboo on social media (Flickr, Twitter, etc?)
  FAQ: Bamboo Documentation FAQ (tick)(tick)(plus)(plus)    


Notes on Completion

As of 15 March 2013, the label "incomplete" has been added to pages in this hierarchy that are ... wait for it ... incomplete. That's so we can track them here using the Content by Label macro

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