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This wiki space contains archival documentation of Project Bamboo, April 2008 - March 2013.

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This is an outline for a possible 7-10 year vision for the Bamboo Community. The purpose of this document is to provide information to institutions and organizations participating in the Bamboo Planning Process so that they can help determine (1) the long term future of Bamboo and (2) define what activities Bamboo will carry out in its first, 3 year Implementation Phase (from 2010-2012).  This document is designed to solicit community input, and is a draft in progress. It is not yet a commitment to carry out all or any of this work.

Table of Contents

3. Bamboo as a Forum for Sharing Understanding and Opportunities for Digital Research and Teaching Practices in the Arts, Humanities, and Interpretive Social Sciences (Cyberinfrastructure Ring I)

3.1.  Scholarly Network

The place for people to discover, explore, and connect with other people and groups across the Bamboo community.  The Bamboo Scholarly Network may be implemented through interconnecting existing social networking tools, including the use of plug-ins and/or widgets based on open interface standards that will allow the Scholarly Network to be easily incorporated into existing portals, virtual research environments, or other research workflow systems and tools.

3.2.  Scholarly Narratives

A growing body of scholars' stories about the use of digital technologies across the arts, humanities, and interpretive social sciences.  These narratives serve as one critical entry point for learning what can be done and for rapidly sharing updates on work in progress.  This Scholarly Narratives hub will interconnect with digital Recipes, Tools Guide, Educational Materials, and Services Atlas described below.

3.3.  Recipes (Workflows)

Recipes draw on the Scholarly Narratives to propose general tasks that scholars want to do with information technology. The Scholarly Narratives are the stories scholars told about what they wanted to do with technology in their research and teaching. The Recipes draw on these and describe a generalized way (a workflow) of doing something important to a scholar. These Recipes are put together by the community of scholars who use technology. They are the Bamboo Community's ideas about how to best get real academic tasks done.

3.4.  Tools and Content Guide

The guide allows one to both publish information about, and to discover, tools and content sources that are of value for research and teaching.  Scholarly Narratives and Recipes will draw from and point to this community annotated list of tools and content resources.  This registry becomes another "view," like that of the Scholarly Network, Narratives, and Recipes, on what is possible and what materials are available to help.

3.5.  Other Educational and Curricular Materials

A place for the dissemination and discussion of other related educational and curricular materials that can help students, faculty, library and technology professionals, and others to best integrate developing digital content and tools into researching, teaching, and public service.

3.6.  Integrated Community Environment(s)

The environment where Scholarly Network, Narratives, Recipes, Tools/Content Guide, Educational Materials can be found.  The environment may take two general forms: (1) as a user interface that Bamboo develops and is run for the community and/or (2) by developing each of these elements as information widgets/gadgets that can be incorporated into existing Virtual Research and Collaborative Environments.