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About the Project

The objective of this effort is to create reusable capabilities that would enable campus software systems to leverage each other’s data and functionality easily and cost-effectively.     
Currently, when one system needs to consume data owned by another system, the consumer is required to create a custom integration mechanism to access and retrieve such data.  The custom integration is expensive, and thus presents a barrier to accessing useful data, and it is generally not reusable by other consumers.  In addition, such custom solutions result in tight coupling that may not survive a substantial change to the data source.
A services-based integration solution is a powerful alternative to the existing approach.  The solution consists of building an integration component that handles the complexities of accessing one or more related data sources, then allowing access to that component through an easily consumable service. The service could be as simple as using HTTP, which is  widely supported.  This approach radically lowers the barrier to leveraging campus resources, eliminates duplication of effort and security risks, and improves overall service levels.

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