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Confluence Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wiki?

Pioneered by Ward Cunningham, and named after the Hawaiian word for ‘quick’, a wiki is a website that makes it easy for anyone to contribute pages, and link them together. Wikis are a type of social software that make it easy to communicate online. As simple to edit as it is to read, the wiki makes for the perfect online collaboration tool. In recent years, wikis have become more and more popular: as repositories of programming wisdom, as social experiments, as massive online encyclopedias, and increasingly as tools of savvy businesses, looking for a simple but effective way to share content and information both inside their organization and out.

How do I get access to Confluence?

Some spaces in Confluence are created as public spaces and are available for viewing by the general public. You can see a list of these spaces by going to the UCB Confluence Dashboard. Other spaces are restricted to certain users in the Berkeley community based on purpose and needs of the space. Space Administrators are responsible for requesting new user accounts. See Getting Started to find out what information is needed to give a new user access to your space.

How do I log into Confluence?

Go to the home page, click the login button in the right hand corner of the dark blue upper banner.  Use your CalNet login credentials to login. Your view on the dashboard will depend on the permissions granted to your user account by various space administrators.

How much does Confluence cost?

Currently, Confluence is free to campus software development teams and IT solution providers, and their partners. See How to Request a Confluence Space for more information.

Why use a Wiki?

A wiki lets you and your teammates collaborate online. It's easy, efficient, and intuitive to use. Every user gets a voice and everyone's contribution is seen, heard, and can be commented upon. In this way, wikis improve and democratize communication - no one misses the 'memo' and anyone can send it. Wikis get information to the right people -- important information (documentation, processes, ideas, communication, etc.) is available to the people who need it, not locked and buried in one person's in-box.

  • Wikis make it easy to keep all your information current and accurate.
  • Information stored in wikis is dynamic. With wikis, anyone can edit a page so content is current. (Of course, content owners can control editing as needed.)
  • Wikis keep your information safe. It's virtually impossible to lose information. You can view changes made by different users or rollback to previous versions.
  • Even as members of your team turn over and new employees are hired, the wiki can be an unbroken repository of knowledge that evolves with your growing organization.

Are there any limitations I should consider?

Yes, consider the following:

  • Confluence does not have unlimited storage capacity. If you expect to upload a significant number of large files (such as PowerPoints, images, videos, etc.) you might consider uploading those files to a file share, and then linking to those files from Confluence.
  • Formatting options are not as sophisticated as industry word processing tools, such as MS Word, using the rich text editor. However, those inclined to use the wiki markup language will find a robust set of design options.

Where is my personal space?

Previously when we were piloting Confluence, we allowed personal spaces. We are no longer supporting personal spaces at this time.

Is restricted data allowed on Confluence?

You may not store restricted data in Confluence. See guidelines on restricted data.

Why do the headers display differently on my site than those on another site, even though I am inputting and formatting using the same notation?

The differences you see may be due to changes made by Space Administrators in the space "Look and Feel" section.

Are our Confluence spaces backed up?

Yes, they are. The server housing Confluence is backed up nightly. The database housing the Confluence data is backed up nightly.

How do I single space in the Rich Text Editor?

Press Shift + Enter at the end of the line.

Are there keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, to see them, press Shift-? (Press the Shift key and the Question Mark key together.)

I want to watch a space in confluence, how do I add my account to the space watcher system?

Click on Watch (top of page, right hand side) on any page within the Space.  A box will open asking if you want to watch that page or all pages within the space.

How do I display a single "JIRA Issue" on a Confluence page?

To display a single JIRA issue in Confluence, one should click the link button when editing a page. In the link button choose "Web Link" and add the URL from the specific JIRA issue in question.

How do I use the Confluence Macro "JIRA Issues" to display a summary of multiple JIRA issues?

To display many JIRA issues, first define a JIRA Filter (in JIRA) that captures all the issues to display, save the filter. That JIRA Filter when displayed in JIRA will list a filter number in the URL. In Confluence edit the page where the issues will be displayed, click Insert, "Other Macros" and find the Macro "JIRA". A box will open, use the actual number of your filter or look for the filter by name.

How do I restore a deleted page or empty the trash?

You need to be a Space Administrator to restore deleted pages.  Before you start, make sure you are in the space where the deleted page was.

  1. Click the cog on the bottom of the left hand column, choose Content Tools
  2. Click Trash from the left panel.  A list of deleted pages for the space is displayed.
  3. Click Restore beside the page you want to restore.
  4. Note: If a new page has already been created in that space with the same name as the deleted page, you will be given an option to rename the page before it is restored.

What are personal spaces?

When this version of Confluence was originally setup, users were allowed to house their own personal wiki space.  After this application became part of the UCB Development Toolkit Portfolio, personal spaces were no longer allowed.  The users who had personal spaces have been grandfathered in, their spaces are now marked as Archived, that is they do not show up in the Personal Space Directory.  Anyone with a personal space will have it removed when they are no longer an active member of the UCB community.

Why does the Space list look different?

Confluence uses the vanilla application setup.  Therefore all available Space names do not appear on one page in the Space Directory.  Choosing your favorite spaces, click on the star after the name, and viewing those through Favourite Spaces will save you the effort of parsing through multiple pages of Space listings.  Space Admins can change the name of their space, adding a dash, etc.

Why do I have to login after being inactive or logging out?

It is a security measure to force a user to login again after 2 hours of inactivity.  After you logout from Confluence you have logged out using the CasLogout process and need to re-authenticate to login again.

How do I see users in a Confluence group?

Create a new page and add the Macro "User List", put in the name of the group.  After you save the page you will see the list of members.  Every time you view that page you will be seeing the latest set of members.

Why are my child pages truncated when using the Dictionary feature?

There is a 500 character child page display limit imposed by Confluence.  This may be changed in the future.

How do I edit a page that does not display?

Sometimes there are old macros that no longer exist on a page.  You only see an exception report when trying to view that page.  Here is how you can edit the problem page:<pageId>  (if pageId is known)

Putting in your specific pageId or the spacekey and pagetitle of the page in the locations marked by <> signs.  When editing the page you can remove the offending macro, save the page.  Then you can delete the page, if it is no longer relevant.

Why do some attachments fail to view when using the attachments macro?

If you use the attachments macro and specify a page to use in the macro properties, when the macro is rendered out the attachment preview fails. It seems it is looking to the local page for the attachment to render it rather than the page the attachment is really on.  This usually happens with pdf files.  Attach the file to the local page and reference it.

Why are user accounts marked as (ACCOUNT DISABLED)?

A nightly script is run to verify active affiliations for Confluence users.  If an affiliation becomes inactive, the user is removed from all groups and the display name is marked as (ACCOUNT DISABLED).  If the person's affiliation is added later, a space administrator needs to request that the record be updated to remove (ACCOUNT DISABLED) and that the user be added to appropriate groups.

If a space administrator requests (email to that a user should have their access removed for a space and that is the user's only access to confluence, then a confluence administrator will remove that user from all groups and add (ACCOUNT DISABLED) to the display name.

Users without a valid email address will not be added as a confluence user.

Why can't I open a Microsoft Word 7.0 document in a Firefox browser?

In Confluence Word 7.0 documents are not editable via the Firefox browser.  It is unclear whether they are viewable or not.  Atlassian only state that it is a problem.  The solution is to use a different browser.

Why do requests to fail?

This is an intentional security issue.  The URL for this application is not

Why does the Dashboard cover some of the "Updated Pages" information when I expand the side toolbar?

Widen your screen and the problem resolves.  The system remembers that change and you never have the problem again for that browser.

Why am I seeing a licensing error on my page after the Confluence upgrade?

The Adaptavist product that had been a free of charge plugin, is no longer free.  This was not the case when we were testing the upgrade.  At this time we are trying to decide whether to move forward and purchase this plugin or disable it.  Edit the page and look for any macros with the following symbol, if you remove that macro the error message will disappear.

Why doesn't my attachment show after I added it to a page?

Some problematic images do not display correctly when you drag and drop them on a page.  The fix is to: 1) Add the image as an attachment first, 2) replace the old image with this new attachment.

Why does a Microsoft Office created document not display?

The fix is to open the document in office (word, excel, or powerpoint) and save it.  Then attach this newly saved version to the page. 

Why does (ACCOUNT DISABLED) show after my name when I can successfully login to Wikihub?

This problem may occur when your account was disabled by a nightly cleanup script and a database fix was made to restore group memberships but not cleanup the errant disabled message after your name.  You can perform the fix provided you can authenticate to the application.  Here are the steps to fix the incorrect (ACCOUNT DISABLED) notice:

1.  Click on your avatar in the upper right hand corner.
2.  Go to Profile.
3.  Click Edit profile in the right hand corner.
5.  Save changes.

What does the new Permissions Option "Delete Own" mean?

(This is only visible to members of the Space Administrators.) Delete own gives you permission to delete any pages, blogs, attachments and comments you've created in this space (regardless of whether other users have subsequently edited the content).

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