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Default Theme Change with version 6.3 of Confluence

Spaces that had been using the Documentation Theme have been moved to the Global Look and Feel Theme.  The Documentation Theme had the advantage of displaying Child Pages and having a Search Box in the Sidebar.

These 2 options can easily be added.  Click Space Tools cog at the bottom of the Sidebar.  Choose 'Look and Feel' then select the 'Sidebar, header and footer' tab.

Add in the Header box "{Livesearch:|spaceKey=<your space key>}"  Do not add the quotes, do add the curly brackets, change <your space key> to be the key of your space.  This will allow you to run searches within your space.  General Confluence searches can be done by typing the search term in the upper dark blue banner box before the magnifying symbol.

Add in the Footer box the code below.  Unfortunately it centers the child pages rather than aligns them to the left.

*Child Pages:*

Click Save

Editing the Sidebar

Click Space Tools cog at the bottom of the left Sidebar.  Choose Configure Sidebar.

Click the minus sign for everything you want to hide.

Below the Navigation Display Options, click Page Tree rather than Child Tree

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