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JIRA Frequently Asked Questions

What is JIRA?

A member of the Enterprise Application Service development tool kit that provides issue and project tracking for software development teams that provides improved code quality and a higher speed in the development processes. It combines a clean, fast interface for capturing and organizing issue with customizable workflows, OpenSocial dashboards and a pluggable integration framework.

How do I log into JIRA?

Go to the website .

What is the cost?

There is no cost to using the UCB Development Tools and Services version of JIRA provided you are a development group at UCB.

Why use JIRA?

JIRA has many features that make it a great project issue tracking application:

  • easy tracking of project issues, especially unresolved issues
  • auditing tool, quick data information on outstanding issues, previous requests and work completed
  • customizable workflows to maps to best practices
  • a variety of issue types clarify the type of work requested
  • roles and groups provide granularity to processing the issue
  • permission schemes define the permissions allowed by the roles/groups
  • notification schemes set the level of notification when an issue changes
  • issue security levels allow for further privacy restrictions per issue

How do I get more information on JIRA for Berkeley?

Visit the tech commons site where a brief description is provided to get you started. The tech commons site provides contact information so you can quickly send your specific requirements to us for a response that fits your needs for a streamlined, efficient and cost-effective development project management efforts.

What is the dashboard?

This is your home page for the JIRA system. It is customizable with gadgets. You can copy, edit, share, delete, find, and create dashboards. It is the central station of your efforts in the project management functions of the JIRA system. It can be configured to display many different types of information, depending on your areas of interest. If you are anywhere else in JIRA, you can access your JIRA Dashboards view by clicking the 'Dashboards' link in the top left corner of the JIRA interface.

Can JIRA be used for non-development projects?

Yes, the system is flexible enough to create projects and associated scheme's to manage any type of business project. JIRA originally came into being for the development effort. It has grown in functionality to where it can manage any type of project.

Are our JIRA projects backed up?

Yes, they are. The server housing JIRA is backed up nightly. The database housing the JIRA data is backed up nightly.

Are there keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, to see them, press Shift-? (Press the Shift key and the Question Mark key together.)

Why can I no longer modify the Reporter when I create an issue?

On July 3, 2012 the Create Issue Screen was modified to remove setting the Reporter.  Only Project Administrators were allowed to change the Reporter when creating an issue.  Now Project Administrators must create the issue, then edit that issue to change the Reporter.  This minor modification notes the Reporter change in the Activity log files, thus causing less confusion as to who created the original issue.

Why am I getting a JIRA login screen that will not accept my CalNet credentials?

Users may encounter this glitch in the JIRA system due to problems with certain browsers (browser compatibility with Atlassian JIRA)  or browser cache issues.  The problem can be fixed by clearing the browser cache then restarting the browser. You should then see the official CalNet login screen when you next connect to JIRA.

Why when I click on the grey Workflow button in an issue, there are not any options under it?

This may be a browser compatibility issue.   Users have experienced this problem with IE 9.0.X.  Try a different browser.   If you continue to have the problem after trying with different browsers, send an email to jira-support@lists.berkeley with your username, the issue number, browsers and browser versions tested.

Why has the email notification changed for my changes?

Please check your Profile.  Click on the arrow button after your name in the dark blue panel on the top of your JIRA screen.  Click on Profile.  Check out your option for "My Changes:" under Preferences.   If it lists "Do not notify me", you will not receive any emails when you change an issue.   To change that option, click on the pencil symbol at the end of the Preferences row.  From there you can change that option to "Notify me".  With the latest update of JIRA, the global default is to send an email to users when they make a change on an issue.

What is this new Profile Preference Autowatch and why is it set to be Disabled?

Under the latest release, a new feature has been added called "Autowatch". The default setting for this feature was "Enabled". That means for every issue you create you would be set as an autowatcher, causing you to receive emails for all changes/comments made to that issue. This new behavior would significantly increase JIRA issue emails. A way was found to set the value of the preference "Autowatch" to "Disabled" for all users. The script was run immediately after the upgrade and will be run weekly after that. If you change this value in your profile, it may be changed back to disabled via the script. Our philosophy continues to be, add yourself as a watcher for all issues of interest. Atlassian is planning on changing this profile "feature" in a future release.

Why does my Agile Sprint Board look different?

On October 7th, the Agile Plugin (Greenhopper) was upgraded to  This new plugin allows for several nice features: the owner of the Board can add other owners; configure, columns has a checkbox, if clicked it will change the resolution of issues moved to this column as done.   Scrum Boards with active sprints had to be migrated.  To read more about the migration and reasons behind it see Atlassian Spring Migration Documentation

How do I send an email report of the Project issue changes for the last day?

See the following page for information  on how to send out a report.  

How do I save a modified filter?

To save your filter that has been modified, click return on the fixed filter line (within the filter), then click the "save"  or "Save as" button that appears.  If the "Save as" button appears you can type in the same name.

To save a modified filter that you do not own, you must rename the filter.

How do I fix the problem exporting data from JIRA to Excel?

In some cases, either a new version of Excel or other issues, the export function to Excel function in JIRA hangs.  To resolve this problem,

  1. Open Excel
  2. Navigate to File -> Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings -> Protected View
  3. Un-Check "Enable Protected View for file originating from the internet".

Why do searches for components with a period in their name fail?

Some period (dot) in a component name need to be surrounded by quotes.  If you are looking for a Sprint or component or name, let JIRA show you some examples and click on the match.  This will automatically put the quotes around the name with the period.

Why does my customfield not display?

There are 2 scenarios for you to want to see a custom field and you can't find it on your default screen:

  1. You are creating an issue and do not see it.  JIRA remembers the fields that you used when you last created an issue.  If you want to see all the fields available, click on the Configure Fields cog in the upper right hand corner of the issue, then click all or click the field that you want to populate.
  2. An issue exists and you want to add information to a custom field that is displaying.  Click the Edit button on that issue, click on the Configure Fields cog and choose all the fields or the field of interest.

Why does my screenshot not attach to a JIRA issue?

"sBIT (significant bits) indicates the color-accuracy of the source data". It seems that some utilities which take screenshots sometimes generate png images that get invalid sBIT value and because of that, can not be displayed successfully by JIRA.  The screenshot is attached, it is the thumbnail that fails to display a mini copy of the screenshot.  Viewing the attachment (not thumbnail) and taking a screenshot of that image, attaching that screenshot does fix the problem.  It is a problem with the software used to created the original attachment.

Why is there an error when I try to assign to a different user?

Some users are being affected by bug when clicking on Assign Issue. Click on "OK" and manually insert the assignee name.

Why is my project marked dormant?

Projects that have not been touched in 2 years are marked dormant. 

Why can't I move a JIRA issue to a sub-task of another issue?

A JIRA issue can be changed to an issue type of sub-task ONLY if that issue does not have any sub-tasks.

Who is eligible to automatically become a JIRA user?

Staff, Faculty, and Affiliates are automatically eligible provided their affiliation and email address are display in the UCB Directory system.  Guest Accounts and students need special permissions.  Project administrators should end an email to requesting their access and the project associated with this access.

Why am I having problem with JIRA using IE?

IE is no longer a supported browser for JIRA.  Please use a different browser.

Why is the Watchers option no longer available on the JIRA "Create Issue" screen?

Atlassian decided to remove the Watchers plugin from later versions of JIRA.  A custom field called "Watchers" was created.  This new field does not work as expected, it is unclear if emails are sent out, users can add people who do not have access to the project, and this "Watchers"  field shows up as a duplicate field in the issue.  Notifying someone of a new issue they might be interested in viewing (if they are allowed to view issues in the project) can be handled by using the "@" with their name. Once the issue has been created, the normal JIRA provided Watchers field can be edited to add users who will receive notifications of issue changes as configured in the Notification Scheme for the project.

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