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These diagrams show the workflow for the 3 different options we offer.  Each status is represented by a blue box and each transition is indicated by an arrow.

  1. Basic Project Management Workflow
    • This is the simplest workflow we offer and is the default offered by Atlassian. It does not contain any transitions or statuses related to software development.
  2. Basic Workflow Plus OnHold
    • This is the simplest workflow with the addition of an On Hold step.
  3. SoftDev Lite V4
    • This is a streamlined and simplified workflow for software development and was created recently based on user feedback.  In V2, re-opened issues remove the resolution information.
  4. IST Software Development V1
    • This workflow was created many years ago. It has the standard 3 environment (Dev, QA and Prod) software development workflow.
  5. IST Software Development V2
    • This workflow is a modification of V1, it add an On Hold status and removes the Implemented status.

Basic Project Management Workflow

Basic Workflow Plus OnHold

Software Development (SoftDev) Lite V2

IST Software Development V1

IST Software Dev Workflow V2


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