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JIRA has been around for over 10 years and now has over 300 projects. Due to space constraints we will be archiving those projects that have not been updated within the last 2 years. You are listed as a space admin for a project that will be archived. Please let us know if you do not want your project archived or if you have other projects not on this list that you think should be removed from JIRA.  Please submit your request to and include the project name.  

These projects can be restored for viewing upon a request to  The projects will then be restored on the test environment, for one week.  jira-test is only available on a campus IP address: campus network, AirBears, VPN.

Below is a list of the projects scheduled for archival on June 19th.  The list can be order alphabetically by name or by date, last touched.


NAMELast Touched
Marin Migration (IST-AS) [DORMANT]2006-04-10
Haas Computing Services (UCB-HAAS) (DORMANT)2006-05-04
Student Data Warehouse (DORMANT)2006-06-13
DBA Task Log (IST-IS) (DORMANT)2006-10-16
CalAgenda_Billing-Fall_2005 (IST-DS) [Disabled]2007-02-23
CalAgenda_Billing-Fall_2006 (IST-DS) [Disabled]2007-03-12
CalNet Websites (DORMANT)2007-04-04
SNS Security db prototype (DORMANT)2007-05-09
Student Census (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2007-10-29
Course Web (IST-AS) [DORMANT]2007-12-27
Undergraduate Admissions (IST-AS)2008-06-19
Cafe Migrations (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2008-07-01
Berkeley Data Warehouse (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2008-10-13
People Locater (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2008-11-13
PPS Migration to UCOP (IST-AS) [DORMANT]2009-01-12
SID Assignment (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2009-01-30
Cost Sharing Tracking System (Inactive/IST-AS)2009-02-17
Course Curriculum (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2009-06-25
CSIR Project (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2009-07-14
Facilities Printer Accounting and Billing  (IST-AS) [DISABLED]2009-07-14
Waitlist Daemon (IST-AS) [Disabled]2009-07-27
Sigma Financial Aid Package (DORMANT)2009-08-11
Cal in the Community (IST-AS) DORMANT2009-12-22
eTime Project (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2010-01-12
DARwin Encoding System (UCB-Registrar) (DORMANT)2010-02-19
UCB LDAP (IST-AS)2010-03-08
Advising Web 3.0 (DORMANT)2010-04-14
Restricted Data Management Application (IST-AS)(DORMANT)2010-06-22
Tool & Service Registry (IST-DS) [DISABLED]2010-07-27
Tools (DORMANT)2010-08-05
L & S Orientation (DORMANT)2010-08-06
Academic Orienteering (DORMANT)2010-08-06
Berkeley Equipment and Tracking System (DORMANT)2010-09-28
UCReady (BCPT) [IST-AS]2010-10-08
DARS - Gnarus [DORMANT]2010-11-01
Letters of Recommendation (IST-AS) [DORMANT]2010-11-01
UCB Rails Security (IST-AS)2010-11-01
Authorize Application Project (IST-COIS) (DORMANT)2010-12-01
Office of Student Life Project Tracking (UCB-UBOSS) (DORMANT)2011-02-11
Berkeley eProtocol Project (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2011-02-15
IST Staff Site Project (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2011-03-18
Zenoss (IST-IS) [Disabled]2011-04-19
AS-MF Application to UCOP Project (AS-UCOP) (DORMANT)2011-08-08
Techweb (IST-AS)2011-08-17
Bedework Project (DORMANT)2011-10-19
AS Migrations (IST-AS) [Disabled: Historic Value Only]2011-10-23
ISYS (UCB-L&S) (DORMANT)2011-10-27
TMS-PPS Interface Project (IST-AS)2011-11-16
OSD Events (IST/UCB-AS) (DORMANT)2011-11-29
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2012-02-06
Security Contact (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2012-02-10
IST iNews Project (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2012-02-15
IST Website Project (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2012-03-05
Miscellaneous Projects (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2012-03-12
APRecruit (DORMANT)2012-03-23
Chart of Accounts Validation (DORMANT)2012-04-22
Summer Session Courses (IST-AS) [DORMANT]2012-04-25
Grouper (DORMANT)2012-05-21
CalNet Servers (DORMANT)2012-06-21
CalNet Code (DORMANT)2012-06-21
Pantheon Service (DORMANT)2012-06-22
Drupal Commons (DORMANT)2012-06-28
Transfer Courses (IST-AS)2012-07-30
Open Academy (DORMANT)2012-08-03
COE - Data Maintenance2012-08-09
Calmsgs (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2012-08-16
UC Proposals (IST-AS) [DORMANT]2012-08-16
EZ-SVN (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2012-08-22
OSR Survey Project (DISABLED:HISTORICAL)2012-09-07
Founders  (DORMANT)2012-10-08
RAC IT Infrastructure Tasks2012-10-09
EDWAR 1 (DORMANT)2012-10-15
Campus Policies Project (IST-COIS) (DORMANT)2012-12-03
Skills Inventory (DORMANT)2012-12-03
OASIS (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2012-12-10
IST Transition Team Issue Tracking (IST-DCIO) (DORMANT)2012-12-13
UNEX Legacy Transcript Request (UCB-UNEX)2013-01-01
Tools and Services Registry - Bamboo (IST-DS)2013-01-01
Project Portfolio Management2013-01-01
Productivity Suite Project2013-01-01
SEVIS (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2013-01-25
Delegations of Authority Project (IST-COIS) (DORMANT)2013-01-31
Off-Site Hosting Request (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2013-02-01
PAHMA Registration (DORMANT)2013-02-04
SOA Middleware (Disabled)2013-02-11
Exit Interview System Project (IST-COIS) (DORMANT)2013-02-21
Disbursements Rush Checks Project (IST-COIS) (DORMANT)2013-02-21
CEP Admin Console (DORMANT)2013-03-01
Delphi (DORMANT)2013-03-06
Travel Reimbursements Project (IST-COIS)2013-03-27
Berkeley Scholars (DORMANT)2013-04-08
CalMessages Support (DORMANT)2013-04-09
Imagine PL2 Project2013-04-10
COE Gift Processing Improvements2013-04-25
Visiting Scholar & Post Doc Upgrade2013-04-30
CalNet Support (DORMANT)2013-05-08
VCAF Web Infrastructure2013-06-04
RSF-Signup [DORMANT]2013-06-25
Haas Undergraduate Student Portal (DORMANT)2013-07-18
Transportation Injury Mapping System 2013-08-06
Drupal_Code (DORMANT)2013-08-12
Berkeley Drupal Distribution (DORMANT)2013-08-12
Windows Migration Requests (IST-AS)2013-08-27
OR Business Resumption Course Prioritization [DORMANT]2013-09-11
CSS Team 4 (DORMANT)2013-09-26
BRCOE (DORMANT)2013-10-16
Role Authorization Service (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2013-10-29
WaitList (IST-AS)2013-11-01
L&S OUA IT (DORMANT)2013-11-05
IST Drupal (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2013-11-26
Academic Personnel Search (DORMANT)2013-12-11
bConnected Service Management (DORMANT)2013-12-31
Banway Building Management (DORMANT)2014-02-07
Career Compass Job Builder Project (DORMANT)2014-02-26
CCS Chemistry Project (IST-DS) (DORMANT)2014-03-04
PBX-E911 (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2014-03-04
Emergency Loan System (ELS) (DORMANT)2014-03-05
Botanical Gardens Project (DORMANT)2014-03-20
BearBuy Tasks & Issues (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2014-03-26
ASAG Task Log (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2014-04-03
COIS Mitigation (IDM) (DORMANT)2014-04-04
HCM Position Management (DORMANT)2014-04-07
PIVOT Rheumatology (DORMANT)2014-04-10
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Project  (DORMANT)2014-04-11
Berkeley International Office IT2014-04-11
@Cal (DORMANT)2014-04-15
IST Citrix (DORMANT)2014-05-07
EFT Student (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2014-05-13
Change Request (UR)2014-05-22
APBears (IST-AS) (DORMANT)2014-05-26
UCB SOA Governance Project (IST-DS)2014-06-04
Delphi Project (IST-DS) (DORMANT)2014-06-04
CalAnswers - Student Financials2014-06-18
UCPath Project2014-07-01
Box Deployment (DORMANT)2014-07-14
Imagine Bomgar2014-07-14
Tech Commons (IST-DS) (DORMANT)2014-07-15
CalAnswers - Procure to Pay (DORMANT)2014-07-16
CSS Web Team (DORMANT)2014-07-21
COIS-Server-Migration (DORMANT)2014-07-31
bConnected EES Project2014-08-05
CalAnswers - Student Applicant2014-08-14
EEI Transitions-2013 (DORMANT)2014-08-26
GSI Website Redesign (DORMANT)2014-09-05
bConnected Service API2014-09-11
CalAnswers - Finance2014-10-01
Advance 9.9 (UR)2014-10-07
Center for Research in Energy Systems Transformation2014-11-14
IST iTop2014-11-20
Library Admin Web Services2014-11-24
BAM/PFA Web Redesign2014-12-04
Connected Corridors I6802014-12-31
SCARAB Data Dependencies2016-06-03
Code@Berkeley Improvements2017-01-24
SVN Support (Project Management)2017-01-27
Latin American Murals Project2015-12-12
SAIT-Change Management2015-12-12
Unix Migration Requests2016-01-16
DBA Migration Requests2016-06-27



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