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What's New

JIRA was upgraded to Version 7.11.0 on standalone instance on September 12, 2018. See the JIRA 7.11 Documents page for more information.

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Help Us Improve

Welcome to the JIRA Service Page

JIRA is a bug tracking and project management tool available to campus software development/implementation teams and their partners to help manage projects and ongoing application support. JIRA provides workflow management for teams to track defects, issues, enhancement requests, tasks, and deadlines. The ability to organize and track issues facilitates collaboration among project teams to improve code quality and the speed of development. Enterprise Integration Services (EIS) has licensed JIRA from Atlassian and offers it as part of the UCB Development Tools and Services. It is hosted in the UCB Data Center, uses CalNet to control access and is a Tier 1 application in place at the UC Berkeley Disaster Recovery Hot Site (DRHS) at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC).

"Software development is inherently social. Managing software development projects using JIRA helps teams stay in touch." -Atlassian


  • easily manage issues and tasks for a team or software application; know what's assigned to you and others
  • use the built-in workflows and issue fields to manage your project processes and reporting needs
  • create customized dashboards to manage responsibilities across multiple projects, and track and report on project status
  • route issues of any type to the appropriate team member as defined by project groups or roles
  • receive notifications to stay on top of important changes
  • create summary reports in just a few clicks or build ad hoc reports with robust JIRA query capabilities
  • add interactive report and chart gadgets to your customized JIRA dashboard

Getting Started

Working with JIRA

For a more detailed understanding of how to work with JIRA see the JIRA 7.11 Documentation

Terms of Service

Hours of coverage, service availability and response times

The use of JIRA complies with general UC Berkeley policies as follow.

You may not store restricted data in JIRA. See guidelines on restricted data.

Appropriate Use of JIRA

This Service is the property of the Regents of the University of California at Berkeley and is for official University business only. In using this service you are subject to applicable University policies, law, procedures, or collective bargaining agreements. Misuse may result in the loss of access privileges, prosecution and/or administrative discipline under applicable statutes. Do not use this service if you do not agree to the conditions in this warning.

JIRA is NOT to be used for personal projects.

If you encounter perceived misuse of JIRA, please refer the problem to abuse@berkeley.edu.