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The Campus User-Centered Design (UCD) Group is a staff community of practice dedicated to improving the usefulness, usability, and user experience of campus projects by teaching, training and providing expertise about user-centered design. User-centered design is a practice that attends to the needs, wants, and limitations of the users of a product at each stage of the design process. It is an important complement to the practice of business analysis.

You can find out more about User-Centered Design at our UCD Resources page.


  • To raise awareness of how user-centered design can help increase user satisfaction, productivity & adoption while decreasing development, support and training costs.
  • To provide access to materials and opportunities to help community members build their knowledge & skills in the area of user-centered design.
  • To provide campus project teams with feedback on the usability and usefulness of their websites & applications.

Recent Events


The group is open to anyone on campus with an interest in learning about UCD.

For technical project teams, the UCD group is available to provide usability input via website and application reviews. To receive UCD input on your project:

The UCD Group mailing list is a also forum to discuss various user-centered design topics, including:

  • Obtaining advice on using UCD techniques to improve products or services.
  • Feedback on new designs.
  • Advice or suggestions for solving tough design problems.
  • Sharing user-centered design news, information, or articles of interest here at UC Berkeley.

Contact: UCD Group <>

Join the email list: Send a message to <>

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