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What is AppNet?

AppNet is a platform-agnostic community of practice for application programmers at UC Berkeley.
(For a more colloquial description, please see this iNews article: Introducing AppNet, a new community for Berkeley software developers)

AppNet meets monthly on the second Tuesday from 10:30 to noon.  See below for the next scheduled meeting time and place.

Next Meeting

Topic: Integration with Google Sheets

Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Time: 10:30-12:00

Location: 212 Cory Hall


The campus is quietly moving towards an enterprise wide online course
evaluation system, with nearly half of all enrollments per semester
now migrated from paper to digital. The cloud hosted application,
Explorance's Blue product, requires that the instructor and student
data be 100% accurate. The campus's source SIS data does not provide
anywhere near this level of precision, requiring a middleware layer
for validating and massaging the data. Paul Kerschen is part of the
team at ETS that has integrated SIS data with Google Sheets to
deliver a solution.  

Paul will give us a show-and-tell of his integration for ETS, and
will provide a quick hands-on session on using the google APIs to
interact with sheets.  Bring your laptop!

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PHP User Group


PeopleSoft User Group


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Proposed Meeting Topics

To propose a meeting topic please contact our coordinators, Miguel Quinonez-Skinner and Devin Jones, or send a message to our mailing list.

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